5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy I Just Want to Be Perfect

Wondering if you should buy I Just Want to Be Perfect? First of all, YES, and secondly, HECK YES.
5 reasons why you need a copy of i just want to be perfect

The pressure is endless. Everyone from the media to the judgy cashier at the grocery store, makes today’s woman feel like she needs to change something (or even everything) about herself to conform to an overly-idealized mold of perfection.

Newsflash: Perfection is a myth and striving to please the eyes and sensibilities of the public can never make you happy.

I Just Want to Be Perfect, the 4th installment of the New York Times Bestselling I Just Want To Pee Alone series, contains hilarious essays by parenting and humor bloggers you’ll adore! They, I mean WE, confess the hilarious, the bad, and the ugly details of their attempts to join the Cult of Perfection.

My essay is about my hilarious and embarrassing foray into the world of MLM (multi-level marketing)companies and the havoc it unleashed on my life. If you’re currently working for an MLM and are happy, please don’t come after me with pitchforks, y’all. I’m glad you’re doing well…. but the majority of us that go “all-in” just don’t benefit in the long run, so we have to laugh about it.

In case you’re STILL debating on ordering this amazing work of hilarity, let me talk some sense into you with five of the top reasons you NEED to own a copy of I Just Want To Be Perfect.

1) It’s hilarious. Like, seriously. You might want to invest in some Depends.

2) You’ll see that you’re not the only one who’s been laughing at ridiculous trends… and then wound up trying them. Imagine playing a rousing game of “Never Have I ever” with some of the funniest women you’ve ever met. You bring the wine, I Just Want to Be Perfect will bring the funny.

3) You’ll realize that other people have failed as fabulously as you have. Just when you thought you were the only one who was left feeling defeated by “life-simplifying” system trends like KonMari, I Just Want to Be Perfect will prove you wrong. Also, if KonMari DID work for you, IJWTBP will still be a good investment for you because it will bring you joy every time you pick it up, so you’ll never need to get rid of it!

4) You’ll be reminded that our differences make us interesting. the uniformity of “perfection” is bland as store-brand vanilla ice cream. Be your flamingo self in a flock of pigeons! Wear those big hoop earring even if crazy stylists say you’re too old to be wearing them! SHATTER THE MOLD, Y’ALL

The Final Reason You Need to Buy I Just Want to Be Perfect…
5) It won’t take over your life. Unlike many literary purchases, I Just Want to Be Perfect is a collection of individual short stories, so you can read them in between refereeing your kids’ fights at the pool and without being so engrossed in the plot that you miss one of them mooning the lifeguard. It also beats reading self-improvement books by the pool, because UGH.

Go grab your copy from Amazon by clicking I Just Want to Be Perfect. Or heck, buy a kindle copy and a paperback copy so that you’re never stranded without access.

Come on over to the Herd Management Facebook Page and tell us what you think! I also want to hear about YOUR failed attempts at perfection, so lets talk about it over there!

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