9 Reasons Going to the Hair Salon is Like a Mom Vacation

Hair Salon MomcationWhen you’re a Mom of a small child, or in my case a four-pack of kids, it’s crazy difficult to get away from the nonstop noise and endless demands of caring for everyone but yourself. As Moms, many of us tend to cover every possible needs our kids before we even think to do essential things, like eating or going to the bathroom, to satisfy our own starving stomachs and quivering bladders. When it come to secondary desires (some would even say needs) like buying ourselves the occasional new shirt from Target, or going to the salon to have our roots done, they can be pushed on to the back shelf, never to be thought of again, or at least until one of your kids says you’re hair is starting to resemble a skunk and you decide you’ve had enough. The time has come for… a Momcation.

Silly Mommy, did you think I meant a week-long stay in the Bahamas with your Mommy-friends and lots of cocktails? No way… you don’t have time for that! No one will keep your kids that long… at least on a semi-annual basis. Think of Momcations as the “quickie” of breaks from real life: familiar, nearby, but pleasurable. These are the small breaks that keep us from completely coming unglued when a kid throws their toys in the toilet… for the third time that day. A Mom Vacation may not be a beach-front paradise of bliss, but it’s similarly refreshing.

1) You are greeted by your REAL name instead of “Mom”, “Mommy”, or “Mama” when you walk in the door.

2) Even if the stylist does a less-than-stellar job on your haircut and highlights, you will still look better leaving than you did when you arrived.

3) Someone offers to bring YOU a beverage of your choice… if only they served scotch.

4) There are NO KIDS ANYWHERE. That means no whining, no one asking you for anything and no cartoons on the TV in the shampoo room.

5) You get to converse with other adults, uninterrupted, and talk about adult things! Like the weather and reality TV.

6) Another person sweeps up the mess on the floor as you sit proudly on your royal throne with a hydraulic pedal and smile appreciatively. Such luxury!

7) For about 15 minutes, our hair will look like it did before you had kids: clean, styled, and Cheerio-Free.

8) Your hair is being handled by a capable adult instead of your four-year-old who thinks hair teasing/ratting and plastic clips are en vogue.

9) You can peruse the Hair Care merchandise area in the lobby at your leisure (like you can actually afford to buy something)… Uninterrupted luxury shopping.

So save up for that haircut and color with an add-on brow wax that you’ve been dreaming of, beg someone into babysitting your minions and go take some time for yourself! It’s important to for our sanity and our kids’ safety. Only two months until my next Salon Momcation….

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