LLL…. Lucky Little Lady

Oh Gosh.. Where can I even begin in talking about our youngest child? She’s beautiful, and very sweet natured… Loving and joyful… But she’s a lot like Animal off of the Muppets. She’s just…wild. So wild. She was born with some hideous reflux issues and basically screamed for eight hours a day. Wanted no one but me to hold her… Which made it very hard for me to care for the other kids. LLL was born on 11/11/11 at 11 in the morning… This was an unplanned delivery because she was only 37 weeks, but it was her time. Because her daddy, the high Roller loves playing craps so much! we called her the Yo Baby…and there Are a lot of people who are waiting for her to be old enough to go to a Casino as their good luck charms. Comically, she begs to go hang out with her daddy and his friends on “Poke-Ah” night and loves to stack and restock poker chips.
She doesn’t realize she’s younger than her siblings and gets furious when she can’t do something they get to do. The kid can eat her weight in yogurt, blueberries and spaghetti…. And she has a serious obsession with Johnny Rivers, the musician. She sways and croons when she hears his music… And if you try to replace his music with something else, she will take the iPhone away and switch it back to AhhhhhNee.
Looking forward to watching her take in the world by storm…. She sure doesn’t like not getting her way…. May that determination be a positive things and not a negative one. image