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Over the past few weeks I’ve seen multiple Facebook statuses about the AirWalk Trampoline Park in Birmingham, Alabama, and I knew it was something that my kids would LOVE to experience.

Until recently I had never heard of a Trampoline Park, but when many of my friends began telling me about the fun place to jump in Birmingham, AirWalk, I knew that my kids would love to try it out!

As a mom of four kids, I was really impressed with the convenience of AirWalk’s registration process. After entering the building and getting a feel for the cool, SkatePark-inspired environment, I noticed three touchscreen monitors that were designated for registration. Instead of filling out paper waivers each time a guest visits, all he or she has to do is sign in after their initial registration in the system. This may sound like a small thing, but as a mom of four kids, it’s an absolute terror to fill out those paper things each time I bring my kids to an amusement place (Pump It Up, I’m looking at you!) while I attempt to keep my kids from tearing the place up and harassing strangers. It took me less than three minutes to fill everything out, and now whenever we visit it will be even an even quicker process because the information is stored. After completing the touchscreen process, we walked over to the front desk where guests pay and were given cool armbands to wear as AirWalk’s concept of “Flight Time” was explained to us. Airwalk BraceletCustomers make hour-long reservations to jump at AirWalk, and the time slots are matched to a specific color of armband. They use the announcement system to remind guests when their color of wristband’s time is up, and to clear the floor. One awesome surprise was that we got to keep the wristbands that we were given, which is a brilliant marketing move that also serves as souvenir for guests.

We climbed the entrance ramp that was lined with chain-linked fence (another nod to the SkatePark them) into the trampoline arena. The main floor immediately impressed us, and my kids ran to try it out. It is comprised of around twenty full-sized, rectangular trampolines and has angled trampolines at the far end of the floor with a basketball goal hanging over it. An enclosed Dodgeball arena sits on one side of the Trampoline park, and my kids joined in on a game with other kids that were already having a blast in there.

It delighted me to see that AirWalk is not just a place for kids to have fun and burn off energy, it’s also a place where adults come to have fun and get fit. A good number of guests had just come from work and were there to burn off the stress from their day, as they played pick up games of dodgeball in the enclosed arena or pickup games of basketball that included amazing trampoline-enhanced slam dunks. Kids of varying ages (including my own) bounced between the various areas in the park, but most seemed to adore the Trampolines with Foam Block Pits the most. There were two separate foam pits with trampolines, and they very rarely went neglected for more than a moment or two.

Some of the jumpers were doing flips and practicing jumps, while others just enjoyed the soft landing.

There is a balcony/overlook where parents of jumpers and others can sit to watch everything that is going on in the Trampoline arena below, as well as comfortable seating on the arena floor, for parents like myself who need a break between jumping with their kids.
Airwalk Workout
Various balls hung from the ceiling over the main trampoline floor, and when I asked an employee about them, he said that they are used for fitness classes on the weekends! How cool! Soon after that, a guy started jumping on a trampoline, got some height in his bounce, did a flip and kicked one of the balls as he came down to land. Very impressive. I highly recommend trying out AirWalk whenever you’re in Birmingham. We all had a blast jumping here, but as mothers of multiple kids will understand, I really need to get a bladder tack before I go back to jump at AirWalk again. 🙂

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