And we wondered why

…. They were even crazier than usual…. Even though it’s always a zoo around here, this afternoon has been WHACK… Kids hurling DVDs, ninja-star-style, at each other… Running through the den at a pace the Kenyans would be proud of…. Chaos. The Husband found this little bottle of Great Value Energy Drops in the garage just now. It’s like Mio energy, or Red Bull in concentrated form. It’s like giving the Tasmanian Devil crack and watching him spin even faster. I’m hoping they will come crashing down fast and hard…. Because I’ve been counting down until bedtime today. And if they don’t crash, there’s always Benedryl. I’m not afraid to use it…. Judge me, you don’t live here πŸ˜‰ oh, and the picture of Sundance shows that even with a helmet, that when everyone is high on caffeine, no one is safe.

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