Answering the Call to End the Teen Suicide Epidemic

After writing my reaction to a local teen suicide that hit close to home for me last week, I began to pray that God would use me in some way to help bring attention to Mental Health Awareness.
Stop teen suicides
I’ve prayed this prayer before, but this time I asked for a door to be opened so that I could help with the teen suicide epidemic, and He opened a door, so I forced myself to walk through it. Admitting that I am far from perfect isn’t difficult for me, as you know if you’ve read much of my writing, and I hate that Christianity has become synonymous in some circles with judgmental hypocrisy. We’re all imperfect, and I’m very aware of my imperfections, and I want people to know that He doesn’t care what you’ve done, He stills loves you and will always BE when everything and everyone else ceases to be.

Let me begin by saying I HATE DOING INTERVIEWS. No joke, I will talk to just about anyone, anywhere, and I can drone on about mental health stuff ad nauseum, but don’t put the pressure of a camera on me. Well I got a phone call and email the very next day about a local news station wanting to come interview me on the teen suicide situation and how it relates to one’s faith. I did NOT want to do this interview, and mentally toyed with ways to get out of doing it, but I knew that God had opened this door right in front of my face. Saying “no” to God is never a good idea; I know the story of Jonah and I have zero desire to sit in the belly of a whale for three days, so I said “yes”.

The journalist asked to come to my house, and ever fiber inside me wanted to say no, but I agreed and cleaned it up the best I could for the hour it took her to arrive. She and I talked at-length about her questions and curiosities about mental illness before we even started filming the actual interview. I take that as another opportunity to help educate others, which will hopefully continue to decrease the stigma surrounding those (like me!) with mental illness. Talking before the interview helped to loosen me up a little bit too, so that I wasn’t completely paralyzed by the camera pressure.

Here’s the link to my Focus on Faith interview, and I hope it will help someone. I’m actively looking for ways to help stop the teen suicide epidemic, so if you have suggestions or connections, let me know!!

Mental Health is a crusade that’s near and dear to my heart, and my temperamental sanity, so I pin lots of great articles and information on topics related to it. Check out and follow me on my Bipolar Encyclopedia Board to see what I’m finding:

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