Apple Butter Crockpot Recipe and Canning Tutorial

Apple- Easy Crockpot Apple Butter

A good friend of mine brought me several pounds of apples that he picked from his land with the condition that I make something for him out of it. I knew exactly what I wanted to make: Apple Butter! It’s been a favorite of mine since childhood, and I still can’t resist ordering some at Cracker Barrel when we eat there. Its simple to make your own by using my Apple Butter crockpot recipe, delicious, and can also be a great Christmas gift!

Here are the Ingredients you will Need:

Apple- Butter Ingredients

First, take the apples, core then chop them. These apples were small, so I only cut them into a couple of pieces.

Apple- Cut up apples in CP

Next, place them in the crockpot with your dry ingredients (spices, sugars, etc).

Apple- Spices

Pour in your Apple Cider Vinegar!

Apple- Cider Vinegar

Cook on low in your crockpot for 12 hours.

Apple- Cooked apples in CP

When the time is up, take the apples and put them in the blender to puree them to a smooth but thick consistency.

Apple- Pureed apple butter in glass bowl

And Now… For the Canning!

After sterilizing your canning jars by either boiling them or cleaning them in the dishwasher with a hot wash and then heated dry, fill them with the hot pureed apple butter from the bowl.

Leave 1/2 inch “head space” between the top of the apple butter mixture and the actual flat lid.

Place hot lid I boil mine in a pan on the stove)on top of each filled jar using a magnet and oven mitts.

Take a jar ring and tighten it with your fingers around the top of the jar. Place the jars in the rack of your water bath canner and submerge into the boiling water for about 10 minutes.
Remove the jars after raising the rack, using pot holders. Dry them off and place them on a quiet counter spot for the next 24 hours to finish sealing.

apple butter in jars, canned

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