Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort

When I knew we would be vacationing at Stone Mountain Park, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, I started looking into lodging possibilities for my family during our trip. On the awesome Stone Mountain Park website, I noticed that there were actually TWO hotels within the actual park gates… Getting to see the beautiful scenery of the Park from my hotel room was very attractive, and also the sheer convenience of staying so close to the park attractions was enough to sell me on saying at The Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort… Especially with all four of our kids in tow!

Stone Mountain Park connected me with the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort representative, and she was incredibly helpful in securing a reservation for my family during the dates of our planned Stone Mountain trip. After entering Stone Mountain park, we easily found our way to the entrance of the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort, and I was taken with it’s manicured landscaping and beautiful, sprawling grounds. The resort was nestled amongst the trees and along the the Stone Mountain park lake. I mean, how much more perfect can it get?! Incredibly peaceful and luxurious, but not so modern and upscale that it looks out of place in it’s surroundings. We arrived at peak “check-in” time and the parking lot was full to the brim, which, in my opinion, speaks to the popularity of the resort. It turns out that talking to some of the hotel’s other guests, that there were SEVERAL different Family Reunions going on at The Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort that weekend, and that the place is so perfect to them that they come back every year. One older gentleman made mention that the Resort is very accommodating of any requests that groups staying there might make, and that it’s a highly anticipated trip every year. Another woman mentioned that she had held her daughter’s wedding there one year, and that it was everything they could’ve hoped it would be.

The Resort also has a mobile app checkin feature, which is really great for saving time, but I didn’t use this feature because I wanted to evaluate the check-in process for reviewing purposes. image Even though the entrance to the hotel was bustling with guests and bellmen hurrying from place to place, we didn’t even have to wait before being helped with unloading the car. I walked inside to check-in, along with a huge throng of guests doing the same thing in the lobby. Then I started to worry that it would take a long time to get checked-in and to our room… Not a good situation to encounter when traveling with four tired kids. The front desk staff pleasantly surprised me by quickly handling my check-in process as well as the those of other people in the waiting area. Their efficiency is supreme, but their friendly, helpful attitudes are what made this a great experience for me. I was also given a glass of champagne by Kamellah, my front desk officer, which is very refreshing after a three-hour car drive with kids! She also gave me a thorough introduction to what the resort had to offer in the way of restaurants and amenities.

After we received our room assignment and keys, we were escorted to our room by the bellhop. image
Our room was beautiful and far surpassed my expectations! It was a one bedroom mini-suite with two double beds and a sofa with a pull out Queen bed.
This arrangement was perfect for my family of six, and I also loved the fact that the living area was separated from the bedroom by attractive French doors.
This separation made it possible for my husband and I to sleep in a bit later while the kids (who are notoriously early-risers) watched TV in the other room. This luxury is well worth paying the additional money for this room over a regular room with two beds. The furnishings of the rooms were very attractive and high-quality, which added to the luxurious but family-friendly atmosphere.
imageThe room included a wet bar with sink, microwave and refrigerator, which definitely comes in handy when traveling with children.
My personal favorite feature of this room, however was the TWO small balconies of the suite that overlooked the scenery of Stone Mountain Park.
These balconies are perfect for drinking your morning coffee and watching the sunrise over the lake, or having an evening cocktail after a fun day at the park to unwind.
My children also loved the balconies, and the design of the railings made it safe for them to enjoy it while playing.

After a great night’s sleep, we headed to breakfast and the Waterside Restaurant had a magnificent buffet to offer.
imageWe all had tons of choices ranging from the omelette and waffle station, the hot bar, a fruit and yogurt bar and a cereal and pastries area. As someone who must follow a Gluten Free diet, I appreciated the fact that selections on the hot bar were marked appropriately according to the existence of gluten in the dish. The attitude and disposition of the wait staff is only thing I would encourage improvement on in this portion of the hotel. A duck mascot from Stone Mountain Park was visiting tables in the dining room during our meal, and the kids were very excited to take their pictures with him.

Due to the weather, we didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful pool area and life-size chess board, which my kids were not happy about, but I promised them that they could enjoy those fun features the next time we stay at Evergreen Resort, because there will be a next time after this fantastic experience. They were, however, very excited about the neon green bracelets they were given at check out, to keep, that granted them access to the pool. Sometimes it’s the little things!

After spending the night at Evergreen Resort in Stone Mountain Park, I can definitely say that we were very impressed with the quality of this location and also believe the price is reasonable for what we enjoyed. We will definitely be back, and we will be staying more than one night in order to better enjoy all that it has to offer! Next time I’m thinking it may be a getaway for just the husband and me 🙂 It’s a great place for a romantic getaway, as well! image

* All opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation for evaluating this resort*

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