It’s Back! Outlander Season 2 #ViveOutlander

Can I just say that I am so incredibly excited that Outlander Season 2 premieres this coming Saturday, April 9th?
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As many of you know, I have been following this show since the very early casting days in 2013, was blessed to attend and write about the Outlander Red Carpet World Premiere for the show in San Diego in 2014. Writing reviews of the Season One episodes was grueling because there’s so much to write about each week, but I’m so glad to have spent the time doing it, really digging into a story I love. This series is based on one of the most amazing series of novels I’ve ever encountered, and if you’ve never read the Outlander Books by Diana Gabaldon, you are missing out! They are long in length, but you’ll find yourself waiting anxiously for Gabaldon to publish the next book in the epic series.

If you don’t currently have STARZ, another way to watch the new episodes of the series is through Amazon Prime Streaming! This is actually a really good deal, and they’re currently offering a free trial. Click this banner to get the deal.

Outlander Season 2 promises to be as amazing as the second book in the Outlander book series, Dragonfly in Amber.

The Frasers are in France, working to thwart Bonnie Prince Charlie’s plans to “reclaim” his throne as King of Scotland in an attempt to change history and prevent the hardships the Scottish people endure as a result of the Jacobite Rebellion. It’s truly a fascinating period in history (especially for someone who is passionate about their Scottish ancestry like I am) and the time-travel love story of Outlander’s main characters, Jamie and Claire is highly addicting. Jamie is healing mentally and physically from the horrors he experienced at the hands of Black Jack Randall in prison, and the Frasers are adapting to the changes in their marriage as well as Claire’s newly-discovered pregnancy. You do NOT want to miss this show, and I highly recommend you catch up on Season One if you haven’t already watched it… it doesn’t disappoint.
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Currently Starz is showing last season’s episodes on its channels, so that’s a good way to catch up if you’re new to the series. You can also go to the Starz website to watch last season’s episodes for FREE! Episodes of Outlander on Starz

You can also read my recaps and analyses of the Season One episodes on Herd Management! Most of my posts were picked up by Huffington Post, but it’s better to read them here at the original source.
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