Bacon Wrapped Burger Dogs for Tailgate Time

Looking for something a little different to put on the grill when you Tailgate this Football Season? I have an awesome recipe for you to keep in mind, and it’s super easy but will tempt the taste buds of everyone surrounding your party.

Bacon Wrapped Burger Dogs

I present to you our new favorite, Bacon Wrapped Burger Dogs.

What is it?
A cheese stick encased with hand-pattied, well-seasoned ground beef that is then wrapped in raw bacon, secured with toothpicks, and grilled until the meat surrounding the cheese has finished cooking. The cheese should also be well-melted and the bacon on the outside deliciously crispy.
How Does It Taste?
Like Angels are singing on your tastebuds, if singing angels tasted like an amazing grill-masterpiece.

3 pounds of Ground Beef (Deer, Elk, Turkey etc.)
1 Pound of Ground Pork
1 Pack of Cheddar Cheese Snack Sticks
1 Pack of Bacon

1) Begin by seasoning your ground meat with whatever seasonings you prefer. We used Southern Flavor and Garlic Salt to flavor ours. The ground beef could be substituted with another ground meat if you wish, just as we used ground deer meat in making ours. Next time I want to add ground pork sausage to main ground meat to give it even more flavor and create a consistency that will help our yummy creation stay in one piece on the grill.

2) Make Oblong patties about four inches in length and try to keep them from being too thick, because it will be harder to roll, take longer to cook, and not fit as well on the hot dog buns if they’re too big.
Bacon Dog Placing Cheese stick on meat

3) Take a cheddar cheese stick and place it in the middle of the oblong meat patty and begin to shape the meat around the cheese in the shape of a hot dog. Once the shaping is complete, wrap strips of bacon around the meat and secure with toothpicks. We used two or three strips of bacon per burger dog.
Bacon Dog Wrapping in Bacon

4) When you’ve assembled all of the burger dogs that you want to cook, head to the grill!
Bacon Dog Plate of Wrapped Dogs

5) Grill them as long as you would hamburgers, and at some point when you think they’re about done, slice one to make sure the cheese is well-melted and the meat surrounding it is cooked through. Because they were huge in size I sliced them in half, length-wise, to make it fit into the hot dog buns more easily. Some of my crew added toppings, like ketchup or mustard, to theirs, but mine was delicious without adding anything to it. Getting creative with a toppings station would be another great way to add fun to your Tailgate Party.
Bacon Dog Final Plate
I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!~

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