Be the Solution

be-the-solutionJust when I think things to with this post-presidential-election-madness can’t possibly get any worse, I see an article in Newsweek (among other online publications) reporting that people who are anti-Trump are donating to Planned Parenthood in Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s name as a form of protest against his outspoken Pro-Life stance. It’s obvious that the individuals promoting, donating in Pence’s name, are not focusing on the other women’s health services available at PP clinics; their attempts to be ironic focuses on the abortion end of the business. In fact PP receives no government funding for its abortion service, so their donations are likely going straight to that portion of the ledger. I feel this campaign is a form of harassment, because they are making a mockery of him publicly for his religious beliefs. Yes, he is an elected official, and this makes him susceptible to public scrutiny, but it shouldn’t automatically make him (or any official) a punching bag for their values. Will his beliefs shape his decision-making as an official? Absolutely, but he was elected with the majority of the American public voting for his election ticket. On a personal level, as a pro-life woman this deeply offends and disgusts me, especially after undercover Planned Parenthood footage came to light last year that showed the grotesque abuse of aborted babies, but I’m focusing on the hatefulness of this rogue movement that I keep seeing bloggers and writers I know joining in on.

Whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, if you stop and really think about it, doing this is all kinds of wrong and just plain hateful, y’all. There would be a massive outcry if people were promoting mass donations to a Neo-Nazi group in a leader of color’s name, or if it became trendy to donate to the Church of Satan in Hillary Clinton’s name. It’s offensive and a far cry from an effort to unite our country in its current state of social uproar.

It’s going to take all of us working together to move forward regardless of the hurt we’ve caused each other through words of hate and opposition. I understand people are scared of the political policy changes that may or may not take place, and many of us are scared of what those who are mad and angry about the election results will do to those of us who voted for Trump. Hey, I’m guilty… I’ve defended my views publicly, and I stand by them, but there are ways I could have conveyed them more gently and lovingly than I’ve been doing. Fear breeds irrational actions and we’ve got to help one another in more concrete ways than wearing a safety pin. In fact, why don’t we wear red, white, and blue ribbons to show that we are united with other Americans and committed to making an even stronger country? I know I’m Southern, and it’s normal to smile at everyone we see down here and make small talk with strangers so I’m used to it, but how awesome would it be if people made an effort to just smile or greet strangers all over the place? Everyone feels slightly uplifted when they see someone else give them a friendly wave or smile. We’ve got to do away with these broad sweeping generalizations and dehumanizing assumptions that are widely being encouraged by the mass media right now and look at each person as an individual.

How about donating to a worthy cause like The Wounded Warrior Project to support our veterans who fought to preserve the freedom to live as we wish, or the Angel Tree Prison Ministry that buys Christmas presents for children on behalf of their incarcerated parents, allowing for connections of love and intervention in their lives? How about volunteering your time to help at a Soup Kitchen to feed the homeless, and do it in the name of Jesus or our amazing country? If you want to support Planned Parenthood I can’t stop you; it’s your right to do so, but don’t spread hate by doing it in the name of someone who disagrees with your decision.

Golden Rule time, y’all: if you wouldn’t want it done to you, then don’t do it to someone else.

Think before you post or share something on social media; don’t jump on a bandwagon because it’s popular or seems funny. We’re all human and have equal worth, so let’s treat each other like it.

Be the solution… I’m going to do my very best and I hope y’all will do the same.

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