Breast Augmentation Update… Ready to Run

imageBy: Jessica Azar
I’ve had several emails and messages from readers asking about his I’m feeling and recovering from my March 7,2014 Breast Augmentation surgery, so I thought I would post an update! Thank you so much to all of you who have asked… I really appreciate the support! I’m feeling great… No problems so far (praying it stays that way) and I’m getting used to the new “additions”. I’m proud to report that the Squeaky Boob Syndrome has gone away! Can’t say I miss it…
To read about my journey and decision-making process on getting breast augmentation, read this post: To Boob or Not to Boob
My recovery has been an easy one… And at my last post-op check in, my doctor told me that I can attempt an easy jog to see how if my body is ready for exercise yet. I’ve decided that I’m going to wait until April 7th to go for a run, even though I currently feel fine and have jogged around the house some to see if the movement is uncomfortable at all. Thankfully it has felt just fine. It’s going to be interesting actually NEED a sportsbra for support rather than an obligatory sense if modesty. The only time in my life where I actually physically NEEDED a sportsbra was when I was pregnant with LLL and running. I learned to harness those puppies down, or pay the price is in pain. My bust now is actually about the size it was when I was running at the very end of that pregnancy, so we shall see if the impact feels different. Feeling kind of nervous about how badly my lack of exercise will have affected my cardio endurance, but I’m hoping I can still get a couple of non-stop miles in to begin with.
Physically AND mentally, I really need to be able to go for a run… To burn off the excess energy that fuels my anxiety at times, and also to relieve the stress I’ve been bottling up. I’ve had the kids home this week for Spring Break, and although we’ve had a LOT of fun (a post is forth-coming on our week’s adventures) the ability to go for a run would do wonders for my nerves… I can only be asked multiple questions at the same time so many times without a break before my brain melting down. I’m also ready for a little bit of quiet tomorrow morning and some one on one time with LLL.
I’ve been bummed to find out that I can’t do a lot of the yoga poses that I’ve done forever, because it hurts to lift my arms above my head and/or do anything that puts me in a plank/push-up position… I’m guessing because it puts stress on the pectoral muscles that my implants were placed under. I know it will improve in time, but I’m impatient. It’s a constant battle to force myself to remember that I had surgery less than a month ago, and that my body is still recovering… And that I really shouldn’t take 10 bags of groceries into the house all at the same time.
I’ve been so pleased with how much better my clothing fits me! I haven’t really had to buy many pieces of new clothing… It’s like I’ve just grown into/filled out what I already had… Which is a nice surprise. I will post some before and after pictures (clothed, of course!) so that everyone can see the difference… It looks very natural and suits my body frame/shape…. Even my grandmother said so! (I wasn’t sure whether she would give me the thumbs up on my decision, so it’s nice to hear it). I’m ready to go swimsuit shopping!

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