Recovering from Breast Additions

I’m laughing that I just called my implants “additions”, but it kind of reminds me of remodeling or adding on to a house… Home improvements, if you will…. Or maybe I’ve just been married to a man in the building industry for so long that it’s influencing my analogies. Anyways! I am currently lounging in a nest of pillows on my bed while the High Roller snores soundly and thinking about how grateful I am that A) I had the good fortune and blessings to get to have this surgery and B) how glad I am, so far anyways, that it went so very well. It was truly a positive experience, and I can’t say enough good things about the medical staff and care that I received. My doctor had initially been concerned that he would not be able to enlarge me very much because I am so very thin in the chest area and my décolletage, but he surprised himself and was able to give me the dimensions I was looking to get. The work he did looks amazing and I was really excited to not have to wear the strap at the top of my chest that most women so after this surgery… He said it wasn’t necessary in my case apparently. My sweet husband is taking great care of me and I’m so appreciative… But it’s already killing me to be so limited in what actions I can perform and to not be able to be the hands on very snuggly involved mom that I usually am… The older kids understand that very sore (For those of you who have nursed your babies, it feels a lot like being engorged and really needing to relieve the milk pressure) and are being careful when they sit with me… But sweet, wild LLL doesn’t understand and despite my best efforts to help her sit with me in a manner that won’t hurt me… But she decided a loving head but to the chest was in order. Ouch to the 100th power. Recovering while taking care of her will be a challenge! I’m going to go get some rest, but I will be posting more in the morning.

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