How Much Wine Do I Need? Caloric Cuvée Saves the Night!

As you all know, I have four kids… A sweet, but hellaciously loud and rambunctious herd of children, and there are days… Many of them, in fact… That I require good red wine (Cupcake’s Red Velvet or Seven Deadly Zins, if you’re buying) to soothe my nerves after dealing with them. All. Day. Long. Yes friends, I’m telling you that there are days I actually choose wine over scotch (gasp!). When I do, I’m never quite sure how much I will need to send my Happy Meter back into the positive range… I mean someone really should write a recipe/textbook for exactly how much alcohol is needed after dealing with certain issues.
For example:
Day with vomiting toddler + Baby with colic = 3 glasses of wine/1 Scotch Double
Weekend Trip to See Grandparents in another state + Chatterbox preschooler= Whole Bottle

Enter Caloric Cuvée. image Mine tells me exactly how much wine to pour in the glass after dealing with my kids…. Because OBVIOUSLY I need my full dosage amount of wine to get the desired effects of relaxation.

Caloric Cuvée also has the perfect solution for those of us that want wine but are watching our calories. imageThis glass will show you exactly how much you can drink to keep from busting the elastic waist in your yoga paints. The work they do in designing these glasses is really more like charity work… CC provides the tool to help us control our indulging, so that out indulging doesn’t destroy all of our hard work of starving ourselves preparing for bathing suit season.

Because Caloric Cuvée is so incredibly awesome, and they are all about empowering women to celebrate their love of wine AND control their pant size, they have graciously offered a free wine glass for one lucky, wine-loving Herd Management Reader! Yes I said GIVEAWAY!
You must LIKE the Caloric Cuvée Facebook Page and Herd Management Facebook Page via Rafflecopter! I will Announce the winner via the Herd Management FB page on
Sunday, July 13,2014. Good Luck!!!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

****I received a Caloric Cuvée Glass free of charge in exchange for telling everyone how awesome they are! All opinions are my own, but obviously, I’m right. These glasses by caloric Cuvée ROCK!”

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