The Campaign for ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ is LIVE!

By: Jessica Azar
As many of you know, I am open about my Bipolar Disorder diagnosis as well as the struggles and blessings (yes, blessings) that I encounter in living my life. Writing about it has been therapeutic for me; a way to process my feelings and evaluate patterns in my experiences. Publishing those posts and networking through social media has led me to connect with amazing people, many of whom are writers that also endure a mental illness or chronic condition. One day awhile back I encountered Alyson Herzig’s essay The Moment the Panic Began on her blog, The Shitastrophy, where she discussed the hell of living with Panic Disorder. We connected soon after, started talking about our journeys with our disorders and realized that we knew of so many other writers who deal with one mental illness or another. Not only were we all linked by humor blogging… But also by our mental health concerns. We knew that in many cases, humor has frequently led us back into the light when life has gotten dark with symptoms. Our conversation spawned the idea to publish an Anthology about living with mental illness and we’ve been working on making it a reality ever since.

I am extremely excited to announce that we have selected an Editor, are now accepting submissions for the book and have formally launched our fundraising campaign! The Anthology will be called ‘Laughter is the Best medicine, Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor’ and our wish is that this book can be a source of comfort for those in the throes of mental illness diagnosis and survival. We need donations to fund the editorial and publishing expenses of the Anthology and your help is crucial… None of this money will go to pay Alyson or me. We strongly believe in the importance of this project and would love for you to help us however you can!

If you wish to submit writing for the book, please click here for more info:Submissions

Check out our Fundraising Page and consider contributing to our project: LiBTM Fundraising

Also, Please share this post and our campaign link with everyone you can!!! It will mean the world to us and you can help so many others by supporting this project.

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