On Bon Bon Break: Tips for Tailgating With Kids

If your family is anything like ours, we LOVE Fall! Football is synonymous with Fall around here, and we try to attend a couple of college games (Roll Tide) each year. My husband and I like to make it a fun adult getaway when we can get help with the Herd, but it’s not a given that a babysitter will be available on a football Saturday in the South. Instead of scrapping the travel plans like we used to do when the kids were younger, we have now decided to haul them along for the experience since they are a little bit older and everyone is potty-trained and bottle-free, which makes travel supplies slightly less daunting. The fantastic crew over at Bon Bon Break liked my Tips for Tailgating with Kids and selected it as one of their September theme “Simplify” feature posts, sponsored by a really cool app called Komae. Go check out my Tips and tell me if you have other ideas that I should add to this list! If you like the post share it with your friends… Bon Bon Break pays me based on the number of people that read it!

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