“Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say” is on BLUNTmoms !

I am soooo incredibly excited to be featured on BLUNTmoms this week! Please go check out “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say”and let me know what you think. I’m talking … Ok RANTING… About the misuse of mental health terms/diagnoses, like Bipolar, in general conversations…. FYI The weather is NOT Bipolar, thank you. I’m promoting the cessation of using these words in a negative manner, because it contributes to the stigma of having a mental illness and frequently shames people into suffering silently, rather than seeking helpful support and risking ridicule. Please share the essay from the BLUNTmoms page and let them know in a comment there if you like it! Hopefully they will let me come back and write for them again 🙂

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