Christmas Traditions in the South on The Southern Weekend

Finally, Christmas Traditions in the South is available for reading on The Southern Weekend!
I am SO proud to be regularly writing for The Southern Weekend, where you can find great content about… you guessed it… The South! TSW publishes great videos, photos, stories, and features event information surrounding locations all over the American South, and whether you’re a Southerner, looking to visit The South, or just curious about what goes on down here, this website is worth every second of your time.

My first article for The Southern Weekend went live last week, but things have been so crazy over here with Christnas and four kids running around the house that I haven’t had time to tell y’all about it! Go read Christmas Traditions in the South and let me know what you think! The editors of The Southern Weekend and I have cooked up a lot of great ideas for posts, so you’ll be seeing my work over there several times a month. Be sure to share it with your friends if you like it… and of course you’ll like it, because The South and Christmas go together like biscuits and gravy.

You’ll be able to find all of my writing that’s published outside of Herd Management on my Writing Around the Internet page, so if you miss something you can always find it there!

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