Counter Top Makeover on Farmhouse Kitchen 911

Are you ready to see my Farmhouse Kitchen Counter Top Makeover? Come on!
kitchen 911 counter top main
When we found this house, the farmhouse we had been looking for forever, I initially kind of ignored the light blue counter top and back splash in the kitchen.
Kitchen 911 Counter top bEFORE
The entire package was what we wanted: lots of acreage, room for our family of six, an old house with character, and fairly easy DIY projects to make it “ours”. Since I’m a mom of four kids who are ALWAYS HUNGRY, which leaves me preparing food constantly and doing my best to keep them OUT of the kitchen so there will actually be food left to cook for another meal, I am ALWAYS in the kitchen. My scenery doesn’t change a lot during the day while they’re at school either, because I work from home. I finally hit a point where I couldn’t deal with the light blue vinyl in my kitchen anymore. Knowing that I didn’t have a lot of money to invest right now, and that my construction know-how is lacking (okay, minimal at-best), tearing off the counter tops to replace them with something else simply wasn’t an option. Also, being that I DO have to feed people constantly, I couldn’t have the entire kitchen out of commission for multiple days. That’s when I decided to paint the counter tops to give them a faux-soapstone, farmhouse feel. Even though they wouldn’t fool anyone in trying to pass for soapstone, they do look really awesome and even my skeptical husband was pleased with the end result. If you like the looks of it, it’s easy to copy!
Here’s what I used:Kitchen 911 Counter top products used

Here’s How:

First I removed everything for the counters because, let’s face it, with four kids my kitchen has become a dropping off point backpacks, and an endless sea of school papers or pieces of “art”, so this completely necessary step took me a while. Doing this forced me to purge more stuff that we don’t need and things the kids will never miss, which is a big priority in my homemaking efforts these days. Next I wiped down the counters with a wet wash rag and Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid
to remove any yuckiness that was on there. Having a clean canvas is very important to the end result of your project… I mean who wants to have petrified maple syrup under the paint of their newly remodeled counter tops? Not this girl. I dried the counters thoroughly with a dry rag and allowed to to air dry a little longer.

Then I set to work taping off everything that was connected to the counter top in any way with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, Advanced Multi-Surface, .94-Inch by 60-Yard
This stuff is the best (in my opinion) because it won’t pull up the paint its covering when you remove it later

Once I was satisfied with my taping job, I began to paint. Put on some peppy music you enjoy; it will make the job more fun and go by more quickly. When the chalkboard paint dries it has a flat, matte appearance.
Kitchen 911 Counter top after two coats of paint This is what you want to see at this point, so don’t panic! I used two containers of Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint, 8-Ounce, Carbon
to paint the countertops, with two complete coats.

Once the chalkboard paint was completely dry I painted over it with Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Gloss.
Kitchen 911 Counter top after two coats of minwaxThis product takes longer to dry than the chalkboard paint, so I had to space out the two sealant coats by several hours. I did one coat before bed (after the kids were asleep), leaving the kitchen windows cracked for ventilation, and then did another coat the next morning when they had gone to school.
kitchen 911 counter after gloss up close

The gloss still looks great two months later, and I am actually thinking about doing this in my powder room! The entire countertop makeover project took me about 24 hours from beginning to end and had me actively doing work to it for maybe 5 hours total. The cost was under $50!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my budget counter top makeover. Have you painted counter tops before? How did it turn out?

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