Being Good At Drinking Wine Isn’t a Hobby… I Think?

By: Jessica Azar
So this afternoon I was in the grocery store with Sundance, the Princess and LLL getting the weekly ginormous amount of food needed to sustain our family… And we walked past a huge end-cap of an aisle with giant bottles of wine on it… Looked pretty enticing to me quite honestly… A wall of wine sounds like a great time to me! Anyways, Sundancesays “Hey! Those are on sale! If Poppy (that’s what they call my Dad) was here he’d buy a bunch at that low price!”…. I almost busted out laughing, we had talked about looking for sales and saving money before coming into the store, so him looking for a good deal didn’t surprise me like the wine part did…But I said “Well son, why do you think Poppy would buy the wine?”… Sundance said “Poppy loves wine! He always drinks it whenever we eat… I think it might be his hobby”
By this point I’m actively laughing… He’s looking at me like I’m rude or crazy for laughing at his serious observation. I said “Well yes, Poppy does like wine… But I wouldn’t call It a HOBBY…. Eating and drinking shouldn’t be hobbies. Drinking wine isn’t his hobby…He has other hobbies, like taking care of things at the Farm and gardening. Hobbies should be things we enjoy but are productive.” Hoping that would be the end of things… But a few minutes later he looked at me and said, “Well, he’s pretty good at his non-hobby then.” He all but did air quotation marks with his fingers when he said non-hobby. I die. Sorry Dad!

I feel fine posting this because I know my Dad won’t be offended, and because the same observation would’ve been made about me if Scotch were on sale somewhere. 🙂

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