Fabulously Authentic Scottish Products! Heritage of Scotland Review


As a lover of all things Scottish, especially beautiful tartan clothing and jewelry, I’ve been drooling over the Heritage of Scotland website for quite sometime. I’m dying to own this beautiful Luckenbooth Brooch. If you don’t know the significance of the Luckenbooth, check out this explanation… You romantics out there, like myself, will love it. For my fellow Whisky-lovers, Heritage of Scotland has a LARGE selection of flasks, Whisky decanters, leaded crystal drink ware, tankards and so much more that you will be dying to get for your collection. There’s a particular decanter that I have my eye on… If you see my husband, remind him that Christmas isn’t that far away.

For those of you looking for items in your clan’s tartan, Heritage of Scotland has a very helpful section dedicated to locating just what you need. I was pleasantly surprised to find several versions of my own clan’s tartan (MacNeil of Barra) as well as a large variety of products available for purchase in that pattern. If it’s a kilt you’re after, Heritage of Scotland can either custom-make one for you, or you can choose from their large selection of ready-to-wear kilts. They also stock all of the traditional pieces used in Highland Dress from Prince Charlie Jackets to ghillies to sashes and shawls… So if you’re getting ready for a Highland Games, or just want the man in your life to look dashing in a kilt, Heritage of Scotland has what you need. And gentlemen, we love to see you in kilts.

However, ALL of their available garments aren’t in traditional tartans, and when I started perusing the extensive website, I fell in LOVE with this gorgeous Tweed, Double-Breasted Jacket in HOT PINK Plaid. Yes you read that right… Hot Pink.
And it will be fantastic when the air starts getting chilly this fall! The wool is so soft and smooth… Not scratchy like some wool garments… And the lining is a beautiful pink satin that matches the pink of the plaid. The buttons are sturdy and thick… Very well-made. My little girls are begging for one in their sizes! Sorry girls, this coat’s for mama. Here’s an even better piece of advice for you, if you like this jacket, it’s currently on CLEARANCE for half-off!
It’s truly an amazing deal for an item that’s so well-made and fashionable. I can see myself wearing it over dresses as well as with dark jeans, a white blouse and heels…. A fantastic addition to my wardrobe. I gave my twitter followers and friends a sneak peek of the jacket yesterday and everyone raved about it…. You need one!

Heritage of Scotland also sells a line of purses. Go check out the awesome variety of plaids they have available! One that actually matches my new tweed coat from HOS caught me eye, and I ordered it, as well. image It’s a very spacious purse, which is awesome when you’re dragging a bunch of kids and their “needs” with you, but also want to look stylish. This purse is classicly chic with a hot pink flair… And the leather handles and edging add a polished, preppy quality to the piece. More than likely, I won’t be wearing the jacket and carrying the purse at the same time, because each of them needs to be an outfit “focus” piece…. And too much plaid can be overpowering, as my friend, Laura Handey, discussed in Plaid 101 yesterday. Heritage of Scotland had many of the wardrobe pieces she mentions here, so go find something that will make you look plaidtastic.

I cannot wait to show these beautiful items off this fall, and I can promise you, it won’t be the last time I use Heritage of Scotland. Their customer service is super helpful (I had questions about products, and they readily answered them) and they also have FREE SHIPPING available internationally, based on your purchase amount. Be sure to “like” their Facebook Fan Page, because they frequently post about new items, sales and DISCOUNTS! I love the articles and interesting posts on Scottish History they put on there, and you will, too! Please go check them out, and tell them I sent you… And let me know which items on their website that you have your eye on… We might do a drawing later on!

In exchange for writing this Heritage of Scotland Review I received my amazing tweed jacket and purse free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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