Flamingo Fandango

In case you haven’t noticed, the flamingo trend is showing up all over the place, and I don’t just mean the occasional garden ornament!
Flamingo Heaven Main In case you haven’t noticed, flamingos are showing up all over the place, and I don’t just mean the occasional garden ornament. Go clothes shopping and you will likely see tons of flamingo accessories and patterns on various articles of clothing. The presentation can be preppy, whimsical, or ironic, but regardless of tone, flamingos are definitely the “in” animal right now. Think of them as the new owl; remember how owl everything blew up a few years ago? You couldn’t walk through Target without seeing owls all over everything from bathroom linens to salt shakers to women’s clothing. I see the exact same thin happening with our pink feathered friends, and although I’m sure we will hit the level of overload at some point, I’m going to enjoy it for now.
Flamingo Fandango

1) Mud Pie Flamingo Little Girls Swimwear-Okay my girls went BERSERK when they saw this swimsuit! I love how the flamingo’s neck goes around the child’s neck.

2) Flamingo Shower Curtain– I mean, who wouldn’t smile when they walked into their bathroom and saw happy flamingos? It might even make you think about making a tropical vacation a reality… or at least daydream.

3)Ginormous Flamingo Pool Float– Okay this looks like my idea of summer fun to the extreme. This float is fun and large enough to stretch out on to enjoy the sun. Just be sure to make yourself a lovely tropical drink before settling in. I want two of these bad boys so that we can race on them…. I’ll make the kids push my float.

4)Flamingo Tervis Tumbler– Here is the perfect cup to hold the amazing drink you’ll be making for yourself to enjoy while you’re on the ginormous flamingo float. It also works well for carrying your water from place to place so that you stay hydrated. Ain’t nobody got time for dehydration headaches.

5) Kate Spade Flamingo Purse– Okay I adore Kate Spade designs, and this one takes the cake. How awesone is this clutch? I can’t afford it, but I sure as heck want it.

6) Flamingo Print Ladies Swimsuit– This bathing suit is so stinking cute! Loving the vintage look as much as I do sealed the deal for me when I was looking to buy my one-piece bathing suit this summer. I’m normally a two-piece girl, but there are times a one-piece is more functional when you have 4 kids… know what I mean? I love how well it fits and is really flattering.

7) Flamingo Party Lights– I want to put these bad boys all over my deck! They would also be cute in a little girl’s room, or a tricked out flamingo-themed bathroom. Or in your kitchen, because… they’re awesome.

8) Flamingo Cookie Cutter – Here lately I’ve been collecting adorable and unique cookie cutters. I do’t know when I will get around to making another batch of cookies after icing-maggedon with my kids last time we did this, but if I do, it’s going to be flamingos.

9) Flamingo Bracelet– This bracelet just makes me happy and is a reasonable price, which is helpful because I’m always broke. It would be adorable as a statement piece to flaunt the flamingo trend or to add a pop of summer color to your outfit.

10) Flamingo Phone CoverThis is another Kate Spade design, and it’s pricey for me, but I LOVE IT! I’m going to keep looking for another flamingo phone cover similar to this one that is less expensive. If you find one, please let me know!

Do you have any of these items? What other flamingo-themed gear should I be looking for? Come tell me over on the Herd Management Facebook Page or tweet me the link to the product!

Come see the other fun Flamingo designs, stuff and ideas I’ve been finding on my Flamingo Fandango Pinterest Board… So much awesomeness!

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