How to Host a Girls Night In for Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Turkey Hill Dairy, but all opinions expressed are my own… And I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

How to Host

A Girls Night In is all about doing fun things for yourself that you would normally skip because of a busy, fast-paced life. Taking some time for yourself to decompress and enjoy a relaxing evening is important; Mental Health maintenance and investing time in friendships are on essential. While I would normally call a few gal pals to join me for a fun night, I decided to school my daughters on all the necessities of girly bonding gatherings. I think of it as a grownup sleepover, or pajama party, except nowadays no one usually stays the night and wine is usually involved instead of soft drink binges! Being that my daughters, ages 5 and 3, have two older brothers, ages 8 and 7, we rarely get to do this kind of things and spend time with just the three of us, so at the very mention of the fun in store, they went crazy with excitement.

Whatever your reason may be for staying in rather than going out, there are several crucial ingredients that make a girls’ night at home a huge success:

1) The Painting of the Nails- this is one of those small things that’s fun, makes a girl feel luxurious, and can also be done socially. Usually I would paint my nails while my friends painted their nails during a girls’ night, but since I was the only one in the house that could be trusted with nail polish, I gave all three of us a little mani/pedi. We looked at great nail designs on Pinterest, but we’re scared to attempt them, so they went with good ole hot pink.


2) A Fun Movie- It can be an old favorite or something new, but a fun, happy plot is best. Since I was treating my girls to a night of fun, I let them select the movie. We rented “Paddington” and tons of giggles filled the room all evening. We all loved it and talked about the funny parts over and over again, as we munched on popcorn.

3) Ice Cream- No girls’ night in is complete without a creamy, frozen bowl of goodness. We selected two flavors of Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato for our pajama party: Chocolatey Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut. It was a hard choice, because Peach Mango and Salted Caramel were also calling our names. If you stalk the Turkey Hill Dairy Facebook Page like I did, you can see other cool flavors. All I can say is WOW! This gelato was perfect; the texture was rich and creamy because it contains less air than typical varieties of ice cream. I didn’t even have to wait for it to thaw after being in the freezer… It was creamy and ready to be dipped!
We loved it, and Turkey Hill has proven to me that all I want in my ice cream are natural ingredients like milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. Go check out the stores near you that carry Turkey Hill all natural gelato, because you NEED this stuff for a girls night, or any other time you feel like treating yourself.

4) Comfy Clothes- I let my girls pick their favorite pajamas to wear during our girls’ night, and I wore my favorite pajama pants and a sweatshirt. One of the benefits of staying home instead of going out is that you get to wear what feels good and not worry about looking your swankiest. And if you drop some Turkey all natural gelato on your Princess Sofia nightgown, your outfit isn’t ruined…you can just rescue that dropped bite and savor!

5) Games- When my girlfriends and I get together these days, we usually catch up on celebrity gossip and play Cards Against Humanity, but my sweet girls and I played Twister instead. They beat me, and now I’m super sore. It was like a combination of yoga and square dancing, but it was a blast.

Be sure to take the time to enjoy the relaxed evenings in your life, and schedule them with people you love! This was a totally different kind of girls night out than I’m used to, but it was amazing and I’m looking forward to doing this again with my girls soon and even more as they get older. And of course, we will always feast on Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato.

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