Gluten Free Review- Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix

As promised, I will be telling you about my experience with Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix.
Bob's RM Bread Mix
I’ve truthfully has this mix in my pantry for quite some time, and have just been putting off baking with it, because I have gotten used to eating little or no bread since becoming Gluten-Free almost a year ago…. But it was Sunday night, and I realized there was no bread in our pantry that I could use to make sandwiches for school lunches the next morning… So instead of going to the store (I was exhausted from traveling home from Dallas) I pulled out this mix. It doesn’t call for a ton of ingredients to mix with it, which is nice, and also provides an egg-free baking option for those of you who need it… I did not use that option. I put the wet ingredients in the pan of my bread machine, then the baking mix, then the yeast on top of the mountain of ingredients…. Chose the Basic cycle for baking on the bread machine, and let it do its job for the prescribed three hours. The delicious smell of fresh bread flooded my house about halfway through the baking process, and I could see the dough rising and becoming bready goodness through the machine’s window. When the baking time was over, I removed the bread pan from my machine to have a look…
And the color of the crust was a beautiful golden brown… It also smelled heavenly. The texture of the crust was also nice… Not too crunchy or dry.
I removed it from the pan to let it cool
And although the top of the loaf wasn’t perfectly smooth on top, it didn’t bother me and I knew it would still be perfect for sandwiches. After letting it cool, I cut it up and tasted it…. Absolute HEAVEN! It has a slight…Very slight… Cornmeal-like taste, but I liked it and so did my kids. I actually find it more flavorful than normal store-bought load bread, and not as sweet as other bread recipes I’ve used in the past (non GF recipes). The inner texture was moist and soft, and was amazing with a smear of butter on top.
I used it the next morning to make the sandwiches and also for breakfast… Warmed and with jelly… For the kids. They all adored it and asked for more! I will definitely be buying this mix again!

* I was not paid or compensated for this review in any way. These are my own opinions, provided for the information of other GF shoppers”

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