Guests That You Will See At Your Holiday Party … Whether You Want to or Not

Guests You Will See at Your Holiday (1)

It’s the season of Holiday Gatherings… some will be low-key family dinners, others will be ritzy cocktail parties, some may be dull office Christmas parties. Although the food is certainly an important component, as are the gifts that will be exchanged, the people you will see will truly be the highlight of the event. Some of these people will be ones you enjoy and have longed to spend time with, while others are you’re worst tinsel-bedecked nightmare. Let’s take a look at some of the guests that you will see at your Holiday Party… whether you want to or not.

Drunken, Obnoxious Guest

Ashley from Big Top Family reminds us of the Drunken, Obnoxious Guest that you’re sure to see. He’s usually talking over everyone else, loudly making bodily function noises and inappropriate jokes…Hopefully you won’t BE this guest, but hey…. eggnog makes me do crazy things, too. Just sayin’

Surprise Guests

Teri from Snarkfest shows us the Guest That “Surprises” You With the “Gift” of Showing Up To Spend the Holidays With You … by staying in your house. They even brought their dog and don’t mind if you walk him and buy him food! Oh by the way, they have several food allergies so they have prepared a grocery list for you to shop with for the duration of their stay.

Guest that bought you a gift

Julianna aka “Lydia” from Rants From Mommyland captures the awkward feelings of annoyance and gratitude when a guest has unexpectedly brought you a gift but you haven’t bought anything for them. The Guest of Unexpected Gifts usually gets the closest, non-dusty thing in my home that I can grab to give them as their gift… so much stress and guilt makes me pray the cookies the guest brought me are Gluten-Free… because I’m stress-eating every single one after they leave.


Kathleen from Middletini illustrates the unwelcome guest of school projects that have been assigned over the Holidays. The Guest of Homework is the pariah of holiday guests… right up there with the flu and spoiled surprises. Teachers, if you want to be a guest at our fabulous Holiday shindigs, just ask! You don’t have to send home crazy projects like building a model of the Hoover Dam to remain a part of our lives…

Guest That Brings You Scotch

As you can clearly see in this picture of me, any Guest That Brings Wine (or Scotch) To the Host, is ALWAYS welcome! Kitty hit the nail on the head with her choice, and she will be invited back every year!

Guest Who Want to Leave (1)

Rachael from RachRiot is being molested by the Guest Who Has No Boundaries. There’s always a guest that feels like it’s appropriate to cop a feel or hug for several seconds too long and expect to get away with it because of the Holiday Spirit that’s running rampant. The other guests usually spend the night avoiding this guest and his mitts of terror.

Guests That Let Their Kids Run Wild

Crystal from Mommifried reminds of us those Guests That Let Their Kids Run Wild. We’ve all seen them… they sit on the couch sipping eggnog while their darlings tear your Christmas Tree limb from limb, literally. I’m not talking about the guest who is actually trying to control their heathens… I’m happy to give them more eggnog because they NEED it. Also I’ve been that guest and it’s embarassing… and exhausting.

Guest Who Want to Leave

I managed to capture a shining example of the Guest Who Doesn’t Want to Be There. Beth has had more than her fill of hearing cheesy holiday toasts and people rattling off their kids’ achievements. Someone cut the crap, get her a margarita and get the REAL party started.

Guest that hides with you

Meredith from Mom of the Year actually depicts two kinds of guests in her picture: 1) The awesome Guest That Hides in the Bathroom With You to drink wine and get away from 2) The Hell Raising Guests. You know, the guests that have hijacked your sweet little ornament swap gathering into a full-blown raging house party, complete with loud, drunken karaoke and people that you’ve never met before.

Guest that Cleans Up

EVERYONE wants to see a guest like Deva from My Life Suckers show up! A Guest That Helps You Clean Up the mess from the party is invaluable, no matter if their actions are motivated by an cleaning compulsion, an act of good will or a way to to suck up to you for a future favor. After the other guests have left, leaving the shrapnel and carnage of wrapping paper in their wake, amid dirty dishes and wine spilled on the carpet, this is the guest you want at your side… I bet she’d even help you open the wine (or scotch) that the other awesome guest brought!

Although some guests are a pain to deal with, keep in mind that we’ve all probably been “that guest” at someone else’s party. No matter how many guests show up at your gathering, I hope you make wonderful memories with your loved ones… and just remember, those awkward situations are the ones you’ll be talking about for years to come.

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