Taming the Bangs : Hacks for Styling Kid Hair During a Grow-Out

Taming the bangs

If you’ve ever gone through the agonizing process of growing out your bangs, you have experienced the hell that occurs when the bangs are too short to be pulled behind your ear but too long to be left to their own devices, lest you look like a wildebeest. Dealing with a young daughter during this process is even worse, because she can’t fix the faux hairstyle if it gets messed up on the playground. She’s dependent on you to help her look presentable, and to keep her hair out of her eyes so that she won’t be blinded while riding her bike. Here are some suggestions for keeping your daughter’s hair out of her eyes when you both get tired of bobbie-pinning the mess out of it twenty times a day. Try these hacks for styling kid hair.

Bangs Post the Sheepdog
The Sheepdog occurs when nothing else will work. Your daughter won’t leave the clips alone that you carefully placed in her hair, you’re running late for a dentist appointment, or it’s Friday. Bonus for her is that she can now nap in class or roll her eyes, undetected.

Bangs Post the cockatoo
Who doesn’t love this style?? It’s easy, it’s playful, and it makes her look like she belongs in a pet store. Or the eighties.

Bangs Post chip clip
There comes a point where you will use whatever you must to keep those bangs out of her eyes, and when a clip from a bag of chips is within reach, it becomes an automatic hair-styling tool. Who knows, she may start a new trend!

Bangs Post the hat
Making use of a hat provides multiple fashion options when styling her hair… you can even have a hat for every outfit, if you so choose! Simply push those bangs on top of her head and stuff the mass of hair into the cap. She will also protect her delicate skin from the sun, and will keep the rain out of her eyes in addition to the bangs.

Bangs Post slick back
Get yourself some hair gel and glue those bangs back on top of her head with it. She will look like she’s been swimming… or Gordon Gecko from Wall Street.

Bangs Post the braid
Girls love to braid, so put her to work styling those pesky bangs! It will give her something to do on long car rides. If you get really adventurous, go for cornrows.

Bangs Post the parting
Moses parted the Red Sea. and sometimes the only way to get through a problem is to divide and conquer. Tether those locks to the sides like window curtains and send her on her way.

Bangs Post the bieber
Grab yourself a can of Rave Mega Hold hairspray, gently swoop her bangs to one side and spray the bejesus out of it. See? She looks like an early Justin Bieber…. I think.

Bangs Post unicorn (2)
All little girls love horses… and they REALLY love unicorns!! Get out the hair gel again and sculpt her bangs into a point that will make Pegasus neigh with envy.

When the bangs have completely frustrated both of you and left you in tears, just remember that they won’t be in this stage for long… until she asks to have bangs cut again to match her best friend’s new do.

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