Happiness Is… Project 52 Week 2

This week’s installment of Project 52 is entitled “Happiness Is…”, and it’s been a hard decision on what I want to photograph because I equate so many things with being happy. It finally dawned on me that I would be better off choosing a subject that embodies happiness rather than simply taking a shot of something that makes ME happy, like Scotch or a sunset.

Week 2- Happiness is...

Not only does this picture of my dog, Reata, make me happy, she simply radiates happiness! Look at that little face… she loves her self-declared job of protecting the car (or our house… don’t ever just walk up on our property) from any bad guys that might try to break in while I’m away, and is extremely protective of me. Seeing her waiting in the car for me,on patrol from the passenger’s seat, after I’m done walking the kids into school each day makes my heart happy. It also reminds me that when you love what you do that happiness will grow inside of you and warm the hearts of those around you.

Her company is always appreciated; she’s a loving, silent companion that loyally sits by my feet without complaint as I write and work each day. This reminds me that sometimes all we need to do to make other feel loved is to simply BE with them, no conversation necessary. Each night she hops on to each of the kids’ beds and shows them affection before I tell her it’s time to go for the night.

Happiness is loving what you do and who you’re with. It’s serving others and doing your best to ease their pain, and my dog is a four-legged example of living happiness every day. The choice is ours.

Here’s last week’s submission, themed “Who Are You?”.

What makes you happiest, and is there a scene/person,thing/ animal that completely embodies happiness for you? I want to hear about it! Come see me on Herd Management’s Facebook Page and tell me about it!

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