Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

By:Jessica Azar
We decided early this morning that we would celebrate Dr. Seuss’ 110th birthday tonight at supper… The kids have always loved his books and now that the boys are in various stages of learning to read, it’s a lot of fun for them to read them to the rest of us. I love it, because it gives ME a break from reading aloud nonstop… And it makes me proud. Win-Win.

So after a quick glance at Pinterest, I decided to let them make easy hats like the one belonging to a The Cat in the Hat, and cook Green Eggs and Ham for Supper. image We then read a stack FULL of Dr. Seuss books.image

Now the Cat in the Hat hats were inspired by a Pinterest pin, but I kind of modified it into an even more low key project… It called for painting red solo cups with white stripes with either white paint or by using white tape. We used white liquid paper to paint on those stripes… It gave it a kind of distressed, WalMart look. I decided not to cut the rims for the hats out of paper plates (I cut my thumb pretty badly while cooking so I scaled it back) so Butch Cassidy decided we should just drink our drinks at supper out of the painted cups. We Improvise! image

I found some awesome ham steaks on sale at the grocery store, image so we pan grilled those and ate them with scrambled green eggs. Good time was had by all, and all of the kids gobbled down their food, except LLL. She poked the green eggs with her fork and said ICK. I thought they looked pretty cool myself 🙂 I had red jello chilling in the fridge that I planned on layering with cool whip and strawberries to look like the cat in the hat’s hat, but after the slaying of my poor thumb I abandoned that portion of the plan. We can do it tomorrow night… If I don’t eat the jello myself while they’re at school tomorrow! The Princess scrambled the eggs (she said she needed a helmet to do it… I didn’t argue) after Butch Cassidy put the food coloring in it…image

Our little celebration “fun nights” like this are a blast, but please don’t think it looks like some flawless spread from Pinterest… Because it doesn’t. I’m real… The house is ALWAYS a wreck…. Fights of some kind usually break out during portions of the festivities… And not all of the kids are always excited about what we are doing. I also don’t spend much money on these escapades… But we do usually have a lot of fun and they feel special. My hope is that they will remember doing some of this fun stuff and know I loved them…. And remember the crazy things that happened and went wrong, too 🙂 image

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