Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

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In the midst of the craziness of our daily lives we often forget to take care of ourselves. If you’re like me, you sometimes choose vices rather than finding healthy ways to treat yourself. For many of us, dulling the pain of a stressful day includes cocktails, chocolate, or retail therapy, which satisfies an immediate need but winds up biting us in the rear! By thoughtfully planning out ways to indulge ourselves and finding stress-relieving outlets that are constructive, we can prevent the pitfalls of impulse-soothing and curb the self-loathing regret of bad decisions!
Here are a few of the strategies I’m employing for myself, and I urge you to try them, too!

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself
Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself Playlist
1) Music Therapy- Create an uplifting playlist on your phone, and then make a wish list of happy, upbeat songs that you don’t currently own. Whenever you want to reward yourself for accomplishing a goal, buy and download one of those songs and add it to your Get Happy (don’t judge, that’s what mine’s called) playlist! Whenever you listen to this playlist, you’ll be reminded of the great feelings you felt on the occasions that you rewarded yourself with those songs, so it’s like getting more bang for your buck! Music can influence us in so many ways, and having a go-to happy list is invaluable.

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself Pamper Yourself With Color
2) Feel Pretty- When you’re down in the dumps or need a pick-me-up to boost your mood, add a little color to your life! Paint your nails or use adhesive nail wraps for a bit of polished luxury, and you’ll be amazed at the satisfaction you feel. It’s important to slow down to take care of yourself occasionally in a way that’s more fun than going to the bathroom or chugging water when you’re thirsty. Whether you consciously realize it or not, you’re giving yourself mood-lifting eye candy with that pop of bright color you put on your nails. When you see that gorgeousness during the hustle and bustle of a busy day or during a meeting when the boss is screaming, it will remind you that YOU are IMPORTANT!

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself Capture The Beauty of Nature
3) Explore and Retrieve Beauty- Carve out time to go for a walk in an area full of blooming Spring flowers. Be sure to enjoy the scents as well as the visual beauty (take your allergy medicine ahead of time!). While you’re taking in the beauty and consciously decompressing, snap a few pictures of your favorite flowers that you come across and set one of them as your phone background. Seeing this picture can be calming on your stressful days and remind you of the relaxing sensations you experienced during your walk, which might encourage you to fit even more nature walks into your schedule! Mentally soothing and stimulating while fitting in some physical exercise at the same time… you can’t go wrong here.

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself Snack on Hand
4) Feed Yourself an Decadent Snack- Having a snack on-hand that’s both healthy and delicious can help you refuel when the going gets tough. Having good nutrition available can make a big difference in your mood and energy level during the grind of your workday or on a family vacation with fighting kids. As long as the treat is decadent enough, it can keep you from making a snap decision that you’ll regret, like stopping for a Dairy Queen Blizzard when you’ve been doing your best to work out and eat healthfully. Fiber One Brownies and Bars are a fantastic snack to keep with you at all times for a healthy, portable treat whose flavor will hit the spot! When you look down in your purse and see a Fiber One Cheesecake Bar smiling up at you, you’ll smile back knowing that you cared enough about yourself to plan an afternoon treat JUST FOR YOU. No sharing. I mean it. Okay, maybe a tiny share, but remember you’ll need to hide the box so that none of the kids will steal them when you’re not looking! Knowing the location of that Fiber One Cheesecake Bar box will help you get through marathon yard work sessions, too.
Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself Love Fiber One Cheesecake Bars
Put your feet up, close your eyes, and enjoy the strawberry cheesecake flavor while imagining you’re eating dessert on a cruise, only this dessert won’t wreck the hard work you’ve been putting into being healthy.

Let me know how these worked for you, and tell me about any other healthy indulgences that you’ve incorporated into your life!
The conversation is always going on over at the Herd Management Facebook page about finding ways to enjoy our lives to the fullest, and we’d love for you to join us.

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fiber One through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fiber One’s Cheesecake Bars, all opinions are my own.”

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