How to Build a Car Emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit
Being Prepared is one of the best methods of surviving any situation, and being stranded in your car is no exclusion. Even if you’re not stranded, there are certainly other hiccups that are bound to happen when you travel with your family (or drive across town!) and having the right tool to alleviate the problem at hand can be worth its weight in gold. I’ve compiled a list of invaluable items to keep in your car, and although certain ones may sound silly, just remember that I have a very good reason for including the ones that I included, even Kitty Litter, and my article explains why each of them are crucial.

Go check out the heavily-researched article I’ve written, Car Emergency Checklist and Advice, and get busy adding these items to your kit.

Did I miss any “must-have” items that you keep in your Car Emergency Kit?
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