The Importance of Teaching My Kids About My Mental Illness

As anyone who’s ever been around me or read any of my writing knows, I am very open about my journey with Bipolar Disorder. Having a mental illness is my reality, and being real about it is the best way I know to reduce stigma, educate others, and live my life the way I want to live it. Due to the highly hereditary nature of mental illnesses, it’s likely that at least one of my four children will inherit some form of it, and I know with every fiber of my being that this is my chance to help them accept themselves for they are completely, mental illness or no. That all starts with me embracing the parts of myself that might make others uncomfortable. In my piece on Momtastic, I discuss the reality and importance of teaching my kids about my mental illness, for their sake and the rest of the world.

Reality of Teaching Kids about my mental illness

One of my readers whom I’ve been talking to for awhile now brought to my attention that there is a serious lack of options in books that can be used to explain mental illness to children. I can’t shake that idea now, and I’m seriously considering writing that book.Teaching my kids about my mental illness has been something that has been very worthwhile for our family, and I’d love to help others do the same.

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