I’ve been holding on to this one for awhile

Because the Herd has kept me running… But the pictures from this incident are too awful to keep to myself. About a month ago, the big 3 were playing in the playroom. I walked in there and told them I was going to get them some clothes and get LLL up from her morning nap. Came back LESS than 10 minutes later, and all three kids were covered in black chalkboard paint, had paint rollers out and were painting our wooden bar. This had to have been premeditated, because BC had to take a chair, push it up to refrigerator, reach way to the back of the top of the fridge, get the previously UNOPENED can of paint, get a paint key out of the toolbox on top of the fridge, open the paint, dispense rollers and brushes to his Herdmembers, and then begin destruction. It was, and still is, all over the red carpet, and the furniture, and them. I had the strip them and put them one by one in the shower and SCRUB the paint off of their bodies. Being a mom of this Herd takes a strong constitution…. Or complete insanity… Or both. And lots of prayer. And liquor. And the ability to laugh. A lot.

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