How to Keep Toddlers Busy on a Car Trip

wondering how to keep toddlers busy on a car trip? Keep these awesome activity suggestions in a bag used on for car trips!
If you’ve ever taken a long car trip, or even a shorter one, with a child who is still too small to “entertain” himself by reading or playing games independently on an iPad, then you know how frustrating it can be for everyone involved. I’m here to help you with tips on how to keep toddlers busy on a car trip and keep your sanity! Building a special kit just for them with age-appropriate activities could be the ticket to your survival when you’re stranded in a car (whether it be a commute or a drive to Disney) for any length of time. Snag these items when you’re out and about and put them in a fun, brightly colored bag, and only allow your toddler to use these special items while on the car trip! The novelty of new items is part of the distraction strategy.
Toddler Activity Kit For a Car Trip

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