Kids and Gun Safety on Marie Claire

Teaching Kids to Hunt
Marie Claire just published a piece about Kids and Gun Safety I was initially hesitant to write, fearing social media fallout from those who disagree with my position. I’m very glad that I wrote it though, because very few articles are published in mainstream magazines that align with my beliefs on gun ownership and usage. The title that the editors assigned my piece, “Why I’m Glad My Kids Shoot Guns… For Their Sake and Everyone Else’s”, smacks of clickbait and sensationalism, but I understand the necessity of using clikable headlines for traffic. As part of a series that Marie Claire is running, called Women and Guns, my piece discussing the benefits of kids learning gun safety and handling sits in contrast to the more plentiful anti-gun ownership essays, and I’m fine with that. We are all entitled to our opinions but can remain respectful in discussing them, and I feel like I have done that here.

Give Kids and Gun Safety a read and let me know your thoughts over at the Herd Management Facebook page.

If you hunt how are you introducing your children to guns? If you’re anti-gun ownership, what methods are you using to prepare your kids for engaging with those who do own guns? This is an important issue, and I would love to discuss it with you!

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