The Battle of the Bulging Hampers; Laundry Makeover

So I have a question… how many days worth of clothing do you have at your disposal? How many days worth of clothing do each of your kids have in their drawers/closets? Our system for maintaining clothing to wear has turned into a nightmare, minus the implementation of the Sock Sorting Solution I devised, and we are in dire need of a Laundry Makeover.
Battle of the Bulging Hamper

In my perpetual quest to slay the clutter and material overcrowding of our home, I’ve been doing some thinking. Even though I CONSTANTLY purge excess “stuff” from my house, and believe me, six people can accumulate a lot of stuff, we never seem to actually HAVE less stuff for long before it’s time to purge again. It’s not specifically clothes, or toys, or books, or don’t even get me started on the amount of papers each of my kids bring into this house from school and various art projects) I never seem to be able to make a lasting dent in the space to stuff ratio.

One roadblock I’ve identified in my pursuit of running a happy, productive home is that I try to do everything at once. My lack of focus leads me to get sidetracked by other tasks that need doing and overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done which leads to me throwing up my hands and resisting the urge to hide under my bed. It’s become apparent that I have to choose ONE area of homemaking to get under control before moving on to the next one. Tackling one aspect of homemaking and organizing at a time will hopefully help me to streamline everything in the long run so that I can actually enjoy my home and family. I’m tired of my house running ME.

For my first mission I’ve chosen to slay the interminable beast that is laundry.
Laundry Room of Doom Before 2
It frustrates me to no end that two days without me doing laundry is enough to make my laundry room look like a bomb full of leggings, jeans, and underwear went off, and that I must do two to three loads of laundry PER DAY to keep my head above water.
Laundry Room of Doom Before 1
Finally it dawned on me that even after tons of purging we STILL have too much clothing in this house. After reading this great article, The Laundry Experiment on the Glamorous Housewife, I’ve decided to box up all but five outfits worth of clothing per child. I will allow them to help me choose the pieces that will be kept in the rotation, and the rest will be boxed away for a month. After a month, I will donate the clothing that was never missed and maybe add back a piece that was needed but not included. In doing this my laundry workload will hopefully diminish, we will have less dirty clothing lying around, it will enable me to teach the kids how to take care of the pieces to which they DO have access, and teach all of us to better value the clothing we have in our possession. This day in time we are more likely to throw away stained or torn clothing instead of repairing it in our culture, and I think that’s a sad state of affairs. In decades gone by families did their best to repair clothing, remove stains, and in taking pride in the condition of their clothes I believe it led them to taking more pride and in care in other areas of their lives. My goal for my children is to value people over possessions, and by having less possessions to fill their lives with they will have more mental room for relationships with others. Having too much clothing to maintain is also overwhelming for the kids, and it’s my job as a parent to help them learn to take care of themselves which is kind of hard to do if you don’t even know where to begin in organizing your stuff. I can remember not knowing where to start when I was told to clean up my disaster of a room as a kid, and it’s because I had too much stuff

There will be update posts about this week’s project throughout the week, including pictures of the progress and the selections that are made for their “keep” clothing. Any tips on selecting the clothing wisely are welcomed over on the Herd Management Facebook Page, so stop by and let help me out!

I will be pinning good articles on this process as I find them on my Organization Board on Pinterest, so follow Herd Management over there to see what I find.

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