Lumberjack Feud Review

Wow!!! I am blown away by the fantastic time that my family just had at the Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee… Deciding which dinner show to attend was a tough decision to make, because the Gatlinburg area has an amazing selection to choose from, but I knew that Lumberjack Feud would appeal to my entire family. image We pulled up to the Lumberjack Feud and my kids were all going crazy to go inside and get our evening started.

Our show was scheduled to begin at 5PM, but we arrived at when the doors open, at 4PM, so that we could enjoy the pre-show that began at 4:15 and so I could fully take in everything for review purposes. We walked in to see a large, well-organized souvenir shop with tons of great Lumberjack Feud merchandise for sale. I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices of the merchandise… they had a great “bundle offer” of three t-shirts for $24 that caught my attention. After looking at all of the cool lumberjack plaid items, items promoting the “Timberdogs” and Stihl brand merchandise (a well-known saw company and sponsor of Timbersports) we walked over to the Box Office to check in. We were warmly greeted and given our tickets, and found out that we would be members of the “Dawson Family” for the evening! Before entering the dinner show area, our guide helped us get organized enough to have a professional family picture taken, which is never an easy task with four kids! They had lots of Lumberjack-themed props for us to pose with, and my kids LOVED it. At other dinner shows we have attended in past there has usually been an opportunity to have a family picture taken, but there were never props for us to use! That touch helped to ramp up the excitement even more.

When we entered the main theater area, the bluegrass band was playing great music for the pre-show entertainment. My youngest daughter went CRAZY and started dancing around to the music, and the rest of us clapped in time.

Our sweet server, Jessica, greeted us and took our drink orders right away. She also confirmed that both my oldest son and I would be needing Gluten-Free Meals, and made a note of it on the whiteboard on the front ledge of the dining surface. While she went to get our meals, my youngest daughter, once again, got out of her chair and started clapping and dancing to the fantastic music. There were two adorable ladies that were clogging on stage, and we were delightfully surprised when one of them came over to us to ask if my daughters would like to dance on stage with them. The girls excitedly accepted, and I went with them to make sure my youngest wild child didn’t get into harm’s way…. and because I wanted to join in the fun. I have no shame, as you can clearly see here:

When we came back from dancing, Jessica was distributing our meals. They were served in vintage metal lunch trays from the 1930’s, complete with a latch to hold it closed. Our Gluten-Free meals were labelled with GF and given to the correct people. We opened them up and the DELICIOUS smell that rushed out made me even hungrier! The GF meals consisted of A steamed vegetable medley, roasted chicken breast (bone-in) and slices of pork tenderloin.
The regular meal contained the same roasted chicken breast and pork tenderloin, but also had kernel corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and homemade macaroni and cheese.
My family feasted on our delicious suppers as we watched the main show begin. Later on, Jessica brought delicious-smelling apple fritters to those who could eat them, and fruit cups to those of us with Gluten-Free meals.

We were introduced to the Dawson and McGraw families as they entered the stage, and given the backstory of their feud on the mountain where both families worked in the timber industry. They all playfully hurled insults at one another from opposite sides of the stage, as a newreel came on the big projection screen at the front of the theater. They all crowded around vintage 1930’s home radios to listen as we watched a clip of Franklin Roosevelt telling us that the Great Smoky Mountains were being closed to timber logging and a new national park was being created. I absolutely LOVE the fact that this show has educational value, and being that we were on vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains, it gave the kids a historical frame of reference for the show we were seeing as well as the other natural attractions we had been touring. At this point, the families were horrified that they would only have one more year to work their mountain in logging, and decided that they would maximize it by logging the entire thing…. without the other family. A fight ensued, and it was decided (with Ranger Black acting as the referee) that they would compete in various timbersports, which would give the champion family the rights to log the entire mountain.

We were then treated to a number of Timbersport competitions, featuring ESPN timbersport/lumberjack athletes. The sister of the families encouraged their side of the room to cheer for their corresponding team, and to boo the other team…. my family happily complied. We witnessed several different form of Timbersport, including Springboard,image
SpeedClimb, Double Buck, Log Roll and more! At the beginning of each competition, historical video footage of the corresponding Lumberjack skills was shown on the screen to illustrate the ways they wee utilized in the timber industry in years gone by. I loved this, because as a homeschooling mom, it’s always a pleasure to find educational content in entertainment. It was very interesting to watch (for all of us) and really helped to illustrate the impressive importance of the skills the Lumberjacks were demonstrating. The family dogs also competed in several ESPN-style dock dog competitions! We loved watching each of the Timberdogs compete, and you could tell that they loved the applause! Comedy relief was provided by the camp cook, Cookie, who attempted to learn how to compete in the Timbersports. My kids LOVED Cookie and couldn’t wait to meet him after the show.

After each competition had ended, the winning family would give a “cookie”, which is a circular slice off of a log, to someone seated on their side of the room…. what a fantastic and seriously exciting souvenir to take home! After much yelling and waving our arms, my oldest son finally got Dixie’s attention and she brought him a cookie that her “brothers” had won in a competition.
It truly made his night, along with the thoughtful gesture that our server Jessica included for us! When she realized (through us talking… she’s very personable) that it was my son’s birthday, she asked if he would like for them announce his birthday, and took down the necessary information. He was thrilled to be recognized with the spotlight and his name appearing on the screen. The willingness of the staff to go the extra mile to make sure that the guests have a fantastic time really shines through, and the obvious camaraderie they share makes the environment of the Lumberjack Feud an even more pleasant, welcoming place to visit. After the show was over, we were able to speak with the Lumberjacks who were super nice, answered our questions about Timbersport, and took pictures with the kids. We walked out of the door with huge smiles on our faces after such a fun, enjoyable experience, and we can’t wait to go back! Hopefully we will get to see their Christmas-themed show… it looks like a fantastic time.
This dinner show will appeal to a wide audience, regardless of age or gender… they truly have something for everyone. I highly recommend it!

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Lumber Jack Feud! What did you like best?

*In exchange for this review, I was given three complimentary dinner passes and a discount media rate for my other three tickets. All opinions are my own… I wouldn’t steer you wrong!*

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