Mommy Music Makeover of the Week : “She Loves You”

By Jessica Azar


This parody version of the Beatles’ “She Loves You” came to me the other day when I was breaking up hitting, slapping, kicking, shoving and screaming matches every five seconds between all four Herd members. I started talking to my Mommy Blogger friend, Mary Widdicks of Outmanned Mommy and we decided to see if you guys like our “Mommy Music Makeovers”… We’ve had fun with them, so let us know what you think and if you want us to do more of them! Be sure to go read her amazing rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses”…. It cracked me up! Embrace the ridiculous 😉

Here’s the Music for your listening pleasure… While you sing my lyrics LOUDLY!

She touched me Wah Wah Wah
He kicked me Wah Wah Wah
She pinched me Wah Wah Wahhhh

You think you’ve lost some blood?
Nah, I saw worse yesterday
Well you’d better toughen up
Kids are so vicious when they play

Where did she pinch you?!
Oh you kids just drive me mad…
Go to your rooms NOW
Or I’m going to call your Dad!!!

Just kissed a “broken toe”
I’m going to lose my mind
It’s only morning though
But I’m gonna need some wine!

You know I love you
Even when you’re really bad
But today though,
You have me browsing the Want Ads! Phewwwwww!

HEY She bit me! Wah, wah, Wahhhh
Well now I’ll bite her! Aaah aahh aaahh
When their bedtime’s here,
This Mom will sure be glad

I know she hit you too
Life is never fair
Now Won’t you be the big kid, dude
Apologize to her!!!

She didn’t kill you!

We all see you standing here

Lets all make up now

Happy Hour’s drawing near!!! WOOHOO!!!

Say you love him! yeah yeah yeah…
Say you love her! yeah yeah yeah…
Now we’ve got that straight
You know I’m really glad

Oh wait?! Do y’all hear that?
I’m so glad to see your Dad!
Maybe you won’t be brats
And dinner won’t be bad!

Nahhhh Nahhh Nahhh….Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa… WHERE IS MY SCOTCH!

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