Mason Jar Items You Need

everyone loves mason jars and these items are adorable must haves for the mason jar lover in your life
Southern girls love mason jars; it’s like one our cherished symbols of home and the Southern way of life. Whenever we see one we can practically taste THE sweet iced tea or lemonade we love to drink from them, and they also make us think time-honored tradition or canning vegetables with our grandmothers. We use them for everything from (as I just said) drinking and canning to vases for flowers or storage containers on our vanities to hold cotton balls. One of the only problems a girl who loves mason jars experiences is where to find more do-dad’s with a mason jar themed logo on them, so I’ve compiled a list of some really fun items all mason jar lovers will enjoy!
Mason Jar iphone cover
Mason Jar iPhone Cover
When I saw this thing I KNEW it had to become my iPhone cover, right away! So stinkin’ cute, and there’s something so unexpected about seeing it on an iPhone. Both hipsters AND Southern girls want it, everyone who sees it can’t help but comment on it. You could also put your monogram on it, which just adds Southern flair.

Mason Jar tea towel
Everything’s Better in a Mason Jar Tea Towel
This would look great in any Southern kitchen, and best of all hanging on the oven handle. It speaks the truth, and is absolutely trendy in touting the mason jar design, yet classic.

Mason Jar art printMason Jar With Wildflowers Art Print
Y’all this art print would look great in SO many places in my house! I honestly think I would love to have it in my powder room (half-bath, that is)

Mason Jar Measuring Cups
Mason Jar Measuring Cups
These look amazing on my kitchen counter, contribute to the farmhouse vibe I’m going for, and match my blue Kitchen Aid stand mixer! They also stay handy for when I need to actually use them, and are easy to clean.

Mason Jar chalkboard
Mason Jar Chalkboard
Man, I could use this in so many different parts of my home. It would be great in the kitchen for meal planning or grocery list reminders, by the front door for “don’t forget this” reminders… or I could just write cute sayings on it.

Mason Jar salt and pepper shaker
Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers in Caddy
These remind me of some I saw as a kid in a BBQ joint. I loved them so much and wished we could have them at our house, and now, well, we can!

Mason Jar earrings
Mason Jar Recycled Glass Earrings
These earrings are a GORGEOUS color, and would be an amazing gift for someone that loves mason jars and vintage items.

Mason Jar spoon rest
Mason Jar Spoon rest
This cool spoonrest has artisan flair but keeps the mason jar vibe at the same time. Would be a great touch in a Farmhouse or retro-themed kitchen.

Mason Jar Solar Lanterns
Mason Jar Solar Lights
How COOL! Would love to put these babies on my deck for sitting out at night, when we enjoy want to enjoy the stars but keep an eye on the kids while they run and play.

No matter if you are new to the mason jar cult or a lifelong lover of Southern and down-home decor, adding a few of these touches to your life and home will make you smile.

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