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imageThe amazing and oh-so-foxy Kelly Fox of Foxy Wine Pocket invited me to join her on the Virtual Blog Tour and I couldn’t be more delighted. Besides supporting each other in our tribe of bloggers, We’ve teamed up for the Pussycat Pants Parade and this weekend we had so much fun at Blog U.

Yoga Pants Mafia, Herd Management and Foxy Wine Pocket at NickMom Prom

Yoga Pants Mafia, Herd Management and Foxy Wine Pocket at NickMom Prom

You must go read my very favorite post EVER by Kelly… The Pooping Tree because it’s hilarious, and because I said so. Big Laughs.
Because I accepted the Mission: Virtual Blog Tour invitation, I will be answering a few questions about myself and my writing, then introducing you to three other amazing bloggers whose work kicks butt. Sound Good?! Great! I knew I liked you.

“What Am I Working On?”
An IPad. Bahahahah I’m so funny!
No seriously…. Currently I have been writing essays for BLUNTMoms like “Cupcakes and Ballerinas” and “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say” and submitting work to anthologies looking for essays. So far, I’ve had essays accepted for an anthology entitled Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness and an upcoming sequel to the wildly popular The Mother All Meltdowns,which I am sooo excited about. My big project right now is co-authoring an anthology with Alyson Herzig of The Shitastrophy called Laughter is the Best Medicine; Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor. We are currently accepting submissions, so please tell everyone you know! Oh yeah…. I also write for this blog called Herd Management and do my very best to take care of the High Roller and my Herd of kids.

How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre
Basically, I love Scotch and most of my other humor and parenting blogger friends are all about wine and Martinis…. Which I also like, but let’s face it, Scotch IS the best. Macallan 18, if you’re buying. Also, I’m not quite as sweary (in my writing) as most of my genre-mates are, but I’m equally “real” about the situations I encounter as a mother and woman.

Why Do I Write What I Write?
I began writing Herd Management to tell friends and family about the crazy stuff my kids get into for several reasons: It’s a therapeutic way to vent and laugh through the frustrations of life…As a way to keep a journal of my kids’ growing up years… and also as a way to fulfill the creative drive I’ve always had. It’s become an even bigger outlet for me to connect with other moms and women about the numerous experiences we share… But in a realistic light. So many of the pressures we feel stem from the impossible stereotypes of perfection that we see again and again… And embracing our “imperfections” is very gratifying. Some of my writing is memoir-based… Some of it reflects my views of life issues.
My work also examines mental illness in society, because as a woman with Bipolar Disorder I feel the need to show that women with mental illness can still have an amazingly enjoyable life. I also to examine the struggles we encounter. Kicking the stigma in the gonads is the name of the game.

What’s Your Writing Process?
Ideally, I like to sit down the moment I have an amazing idea and begin writing away as the thoughts and words come pouring from my mind into my fingers and drip out onto the page. If I get to have a nice dram of Scotch along with it, which relaxes me and allows the thoughts to formulate and flow more quickly, then that’s even better. But….. The REALITY of it is that I’m usually jotting down ideas on random pieces of paper, grocery store receipts and cryptic notes on the notepad of my iPhone. I try to snag random times during the day when kids aren’t asking me for things constantly or one of them doesn’t need my attention. I write quite a bit at night while sitting on the couch with the High Roller in companionable silence. Being Bipolar, if I have an upswing into Hypomania, it’s like my creativity had diarrhea and I can’t write everything quickly enough…. It just flows and flows and flows… Which is awesome, but frustrating at times because I can’t just write for hours like I want/need to do. When I have a big downswing in mood, the creativity slows down or completely stops, and I also have to force myself to write because I’m usually dealing with apathy and exhaustion.

Now I get to introduce Three of MY Favorite bloggers!

I was so excited to FINALLY get to meet these three amazing women in PERSon at BlogU this last weekend. They are every bit as amazing as their writing and so much fun. Go check their blogs out or I will come find you. And make you read them. Because I just can’t let you cheat yourself like that.

Big Top Family
Ashley is a frazzled stay-at-home mom of three boys and blogger. She’s got a fantastic knack for telling all kinds of stories about her life in a hilarious way that also leaves me in awe of her writing talent. She writes about her childhood and also the craziness of her current place in life! Keeping her balls in the air is a full-time job, and she doesn’t even get paid for it. Here are links to two of her posts that you will enjoy: Survival of the Thickest and

Kathleen is a lawyer with a dirty mind who uses inappropriate humor as a defense mechanism. She’s also a single mom of two children, Tweak (10) and Tink (8). She began writing Middletini to process her feelings about heading into her 40s, nearly losing her damn mind because her life had not turned out as planned, and getting her groove back with a little help from her friends and the occasional adult beverage. Each post opens with a suggested cocktail, because she’s less offensive when you’ve been drinking. Kathleen likes to write about the things people think to themselves but have the common sense not to say out loud. Not content to overshare on the Internet, she is writing a novel in her abundant spare time.
There’s a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends and The Mother F$cking Tooth Fairy

Jenn Rian is a bored and sarcastic stay-at-home-mom of two who blogs and vlogs because the voices in her head tell her to. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn’t very often. She’s the author www.imakemyselfthequeen.com where she pretends to be funny and www.coolestfamilyontheblock.com where she pretends to be a good mom. (SHE said that… I think she’s an awesome mom)

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