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I Just Want To Be Perfect

In today’s world the media, social media, and basically everyone around us makes most women feel like they need to change something or maybe even everything about themselves in order to fit a mold of perfection. Newsflash: Perfection is a myth and striving to please the eyes and sensibilities of the public can never make you happy. This book, which is actually the 4th in a series of New York Times Bestsellers, contains hilarious essays by the best parenting and humor bloggers! They confess the hilarious, the bad, and the ugly parts of their attempts to fit into the Cult of Perfection.
My essay is about my hilarious and embarrassing foray into the world of MLM (multi-level marketing)companies and the havoc it unleashed on my life. If you’re currently working for an MLM and are happy, please don’t come after me with pitchforks. I’m glad you’re doing well…. but the majority of us that go “all-in” don’t benefit in the long run.

Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor

SMITH contains the stories of popular humor writers discussing their battles with mental illness. We seek to reach out to those suffering in silence and create a dialogue to eradicate stigma and foster understanding. I co-authored and edited this book with Alyson Herzig of The Shitastrophy, and we are very proud of the finished project and the mission we have set forth to live out.

Check out the website to learn more :Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor

It’s Really 10 Months! Special Delivery

These are HILARIOUS stories about pregnancy, and Labor/Delivery!
My chapter, entitled “That’s Not Sweat”, is the story of the my oldest daughter’s birth, which was a TOTAL comedy of errors. The poor doctor delivering her needed a towel to wipe his dripping-wet brow which was totally not sweat.
You won’t want to miss this book if you love a good laugh. Perfect for Baby Showers/Mommy gifts
10 months preorder

Clash of the Couples

This hilarious anthology highlights the ridiculous arguments that couples face in their day to day relationships. Do we fight about money? Kids? Housework? Maybe…. but the bulk of the arguments center around small things like someone eating their mate’s special sandwich… or taking your wife to Home Depot on Date night You’ll LOVE my chapter on what happened when my husband went out of town on a fishing trip against my wishes. Order your copy from Amazon by clicking on the Book’s picture!

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