My Thoughts on Teacher Inservice Days

I know teachers are some of the hardest working people that exist, and I’m in awe of them. I realize that they have an endless amount of work to do both inside and outside the classroom, and that teacher inservice days are necessary. Truly. That way they can attempt to tackle the ridiculous amount of grading and lesson planning that hound them at every waking hour. But being that my kids have been back in school for two months now, my tolerance for the insane crap they pull all day long is low. It’s like being allowed to think in peace and quiet and pee alone for five days out of the week for a few weeks has made me soft. My summertime self would LAUGH at my current level of being able to handle them and roll with the flow of four simultaneous conversations and backseat shrieking. I have visions of the teachers laughing and chatting and sipping martinis in the library while I’m playing referee to hyenas, even though I know that’s not the reality of the situation. So, until tomorrow when they go back, I have yoga class at the YMCA (while they go to childwatch) and the wisdom of this meme to keep me going.
Cocktails at Noon

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