Epic #myChargeCheer Giveaway

Y’all… I’m SO excited to tell you guys about ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Right HERE! On HERD MANAGEMENT!

It’s all being made possible by myCharge AND THEIR awesome Twitter Campaign for the Holidays called #myChargeCheer

Remember when I wrote about them earlier in the Fall? Well they sent me an amazing charger as a thank you and it was a LIFESAVER during the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa two weekends ago. LOVE IT.

It would make a great Christmas gift for ANYONE with a cell phone… for safety reasons AND for keeping the Holiday Party fun rolling when their battery is dying. It’s mighty hard to take pictures of a grown man dressed as a reindeer when you’re phone is dead. True Story.

There are TWO SEPARATE WAYS to get a FREE charger from myCharge, so listen up!
Always Charged. Always Connected. Always in Style 2 (1)

1) You can Retweet THIS TWEET and use the hashtag #myChargeCheer to get a FREE CHARGER! Just like that. No strings attached. They will tweet you back and take care of the details.

I did this earlier today, and the High Roller doesn’t know it, but he will be getting that myCharge in his stocking. He will be thrilled to use it on those long nights of playing poker with his friends when his phone is dying and he needs to see if I will be “in the mood” when he gets home… or for when our kids steal our wall chargers (all the freaking TIME) and he’s trying to get to the next level on Game of War. I’m a giver like that.

2) You can enter the Giveaway on Herd Management, found at the bottom of this post through Rafflecopter, to win a Red RazorPlus
That thing looks AMAZING and retails for $50!

The Website says: The RazorPlus is a Rechargeable 3000 mAh battery that delivers an additional 13 hours of talk time for your smartphone. It’s crafted from anodized aluminum, and the ultra-thin RazorPlus comes in four colors: red, pink, blue and anodized aluminum (silver).

mycharge red razor plus
There she is…. STUNNINGLY ELECTRIC! (I couldn’t help myself)
13 hours of talk time. THAT is freaking awesome, and could really come in handy on New Year’s Eve when you’re calling everyone to tell them Happy New Year.

SO…. I’m thinking it’s in your best interests to do BOTH of these things…. you could win a prize to give someone as a Christmas Gift, AND get a free charger from the Retweet Challenge…. Or you could keep it all for yourself. Totally up to you…. but you’d be crazy to NOT take just a moment to do this.

Thanks so much, and Share this post with your friends! They need to Retweet for a free charger, too…. so they can ANSWER when you call them on New Year’s Eve.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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