Naughty Mama

So last night I wore my sleep shirt I got around Christmas-time that says “Naughty Not Nice” on it… It’s fromVictoria’s  Secret, and makes me feel kind of like a cool love kitten when I wear it, even though I’m really a sleep-deprived mom with bags under my eyes. I walked into our Kitchen to start making breakfasts and lunches, and Butch Cassidy looks at me and kind of laughs in the bck of his throat, and says “I knew it!”… I looked him and said “What? What did you know?”… He said “you’re Naughty… Not Nice… ” and I was mildly horrified… Trying to figure out how he would even understand what the shirt implies. Then he said “THAT’S why Santa didn’t put anything in your stocking! You’d better act better this year I you want him to bring you anything”  I had to laugh… Kind of relieved that he A) had no clue about the kind of Naughty my shirt was referring to and B) That he still has such a strong belief in Santa and that the magic still exists for him…. My babies are all still innocent… And I dread the day that ends. I had been weepy last night about the fact that they’re all getting so big so quickly… And this was like a comforting pat on the shoulder reminding me that they’re still mine… For awhile.

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