NickMom Brand Ambassador Now Describes ME!


Ever have a dream where you get to hang out with the seriously cool kids? It’s so exciting to be able to officially announce that I have been selected as a NickMom Brand Ambassador! And it all began with a rejection… sort of 🙂 After attending BlogU14, which was sponsored in part by NickMom (they gave us the sickest Retro Prom EVER), I decided to get all brave and apply to become a writer for them. After sending in a pitch for a series of posts that I thought would be right up their alley, I was told “No, Thank You’… that they had a stable of great writers at the moment… but that since I already do Brand Ambassador work, that she had an idea. She asked me if I would like for her to connect me with an awesome woman putting together the brand new program for NickMom Brand Ambassadorship.

UMMMMM That’s like asking if I drink scotch?!? HECK YES!

I thanked her and accepted her offer gratefully, all the while wondering what the program would encompass. After numerous back and forth emails between myself and my new contact, Beth, I learned more about the scope of this amazing program. There are 15 bloggers in this inaugural group, and the list of our members contains some of the absolute best and most hilarious bloggers/authors out there. Check out the stable of amazingness and follow them all on social media! We had our first video teleconference yesterday and it was super exciting to hear all about the program, “meet” the NickMom staff and “hang-out” with the other BAs. I was a dork and actually took a shower and did my makeup for the video conference… didn’t want to scare anyone! One of my biggest responsibilities is to do what I’ve been doing all along… and that’s to promote the hilarious content that appears on NickMom.Com! Look for the hottest content on NickMom to appear on my social media channels, as well as a weekly post containing a link to my favorite NickMom bit of the week. I will be participating in seminars and learning tons about how to better my own writing as well as getting great information on research that’s done on blogging audiences and more. We will have monthly training sessions online and webinars, and next spring, potentially a trip to NYC for a “summit”. I’m so honored to be in this group, and can’t wait to get to know my fellow ambassadors better… I’m in great company!

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