On RedBook : My Struggle With Orthorexia


I’m really excited that redbook (yes, THE REDBOOK MAGAZINE) has published one of my articles! This is a new location on the Internet for me, so I would love it if you go give it a read. Not many people (if any, really) know that I dealt with an eating disorder known as Orthorexia as a young college student. Orthorexia is not as widely-discussed as Anorexia or Bulimia, and it can remain hidden more easily, masquerading as a dedication to physical perfection through fitness. Just like anything else, a positive thing like physical exercise and healthy eating can become warped until it’s no longer recognizable as a virtue. Been there, done that, and thankfully I met my husband and he reintroduced me to the amazing world of doughnuts and ice cream and enjoying life.

Healthy Eating Became an Unhealthy Obsession by Jessica Azar

In writing this I hope that it will help other young women realize that they don’t have to go overboard with crash diets and punishing, relentless exercise to be happy and feel good about the way they look. I’m in the same dress size I wore in high school and do exercise classes I LOVE (Yoga and Barre), eat a healthy diet, and also enjoy treats when I want them. It’s mighty hard to grow your happiness when you’re doing your very best to throw parts of yourself away as fast as you can.

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