One Night at the Castle; A Medieval Times Review

Medieval TimesTaking my four children to Medieval Times is something I’ve wanted to do for quite sometime, and the opportunity finally presented itself during our family vacation to the Atlanta, GA area this past weekend. After easily checking in at the ticket booth, we walked in to the Castle and were immediately welcomed and given our Medieval Times crowns. Our youngest daughter was elated… she had been looking forward to getting that crown since I showed her pictures of where we would be going! imageWe then had a group picture made with the King, who was very friendly and showed the kids the huge (REAL) sword he was holding.

Entering the lobby was an exciting experience within itself… there was a huge roaring fireplace, several suits of armor (that my boys were fascinated with… “No son, we can not buy a suit of armor to take home”… and a HUGE bar for adults to buy a pre-dinner drink (or three). The selection at the bar was wide and varied… my husband chose his favorite beer in a glass souvenir mug and I opted for a glass of wine, but I won’t lie, the daiquiri dispensers tempted me! imageWe walked around the lobby while waiting to be summoned by the trumpets and announcer for supper, and saw someone be “knighted” by the king, as a part of their birthday party. This would be an AMAZING place to have a special occasion celebration… I looked at the list of available “packages”, and could definitely see one of my children doing this for a milestone birthday dinner… they go the extra mile to make the occasion memorable.

We also looked at the huge amounts of souvenirs available… which can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but we allowed our kids to choose one special item. They all chose a sword that glowed and had flashing lights, which was a great choice for them to take in to the actual dinner/show, because it’s dark except for the arena area. They loved cheering on the Knights and waving the swords in the air.

After we were seated at the table in the arena, our “Serf”, Jimmy, explained the rules of eating supper at Medieval Times, which the kids loved! Jimmy explained that our hands were our eating utensils (even for the soup!) and that there were three ways to turn the handles of our mugs to correspond with our drink choice. I made sure that Jimmy knew my oldest son and I would need Gluten Free meals (I let them know when I made reservations) and he gave us alternative dessert options. He also let us know that there wasn’t a Gluten Free option to replace the Garlic Bread that was our first “course”… hopefully in the future they will amend this.

Our amazing supper including a delicious tomato bisque soup, half of a roasted chicken (breast, thigh, wing and leg), a spare rib, a roasted half of a potato and then a pastry for dessert (the Gluten Free option was cut up oranges and apples). The food was absolutely delicious, and I will be thrilled to eat it again when we go back for another Tournament. Naturally, eating was messy because of the “no utensils” rule, but there were plenty of napkins and it was lots of fun.

The beginning of the show featured the incredibly beautiful and well-trained Spanish Horses. We loved watching them demonstrate their skills, and later again during the Knights’ Tournament, where they played a central role in their riders’ performances. Due to the nature of the seating, we were very close to the horses during the show, and my oldest daughter, in particular, was delighted.

Following the horses, the Falconer and her falcon gave a fantastic demonstration of their partnership in hunting. The falcon flew all over the arena, following the falconer’s commands. It was particularly fascinating to see the speed with which the falcon flew… as it flew maybe five feet in front of our faces. Loved this part of the show!

Finally, the most amazing part of the show… the Knights’ Tournament… began! We were on the edges of our seat as they performed in several competitions, but the Jousting was the real showstopper. The arena’s seating assignments correspond with the Knight representing your section for the evening… we were the Yellow section, and our knight did very well, and even threw flowers to some of the ladies in our section (my oldest daughter being one of them) which had everyone cheering.

The knights competed against each other by charging towards each other (two competed at a time) on horseback and attempted to knock the other off of his horse. Lances were shattered, knights went flying off their mounts, and following three attempts of this battle, the knights engaged in hand to hand combat. My sons were thrilled to see the variety of medieval weapons that were used, and went wild when swords clashing produced sparks.After the tournament was completed, and a Knight was named victorious, the show came to an end. We went to the lobby to wait by the bar, where we knew the participants from the show would soon arrive.
The Knights, Princess and King were kind and personable as they took pictures with guests and signed autographs, much to the delight of all the guests that were present.


The King let my son take a picture with him while holding the real sword that he used during the show, which TOTALLY made his night.

Although our actual dinner/show tickets were complimentary in exchange for my writing a review of Medieval Times, Atlanta, we would gladly pay the same amount for another special evening at the Castle… totally worth it. We did pay out of pocket (as I knew we would be doing) for drinks from the bar, souvenirs and our Serf’s gratuity, and I felt these prices were reasonable for the venue and what we received.

Here is the Breakdown of Costs for our evening at Medieval Times, with the addition of the typical Dinner Ticket charges, so that you can get a better idea for the price of a grand evening there for a family of six:
Dinner Tickets
-Adult Tickets $52.95 x 2 = $105.90
-Child Tickets $35.95 x 3 = $107.85 ( Kids under 3 are free)
Bar Tab(Included 1 Beer in Glass Mug, 1 glass of wine, 2 Sprites in souvenir cups) =$32.00
Souvenirs (Four Awesome Glow in the Dark, Flashing Light swords) = $40.00
Gratuity (We determined this… no guideline was suggested) = $50.00

TOTAL: $335.75
Obviously, this is not somewhere that we could financially go very often, but when it’s one of the central events of a shorter vacation, it’s an amazing value in terms of the experience and food that you get!!! Our kids are already asking about when we can go back to the castle, and reliving their favorite parts of the evening. I would highly recommend Medieval Times Atlanta for a special occasion or as part of a vacation to the Atlanta area.

*As a part of my series on Affordable Family Vacations; Atlanta Edition I worked with the Medieval Times, Atlanta Marketing Department and was given free Dinner Tickets in exchange for a fair and unbiased review, which I am presenting here! All opinions are my own.*

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