New Outlander Trailer Shows Darker Times Ahead

Outlander InterimThe addictive and compelling story lines of the Outlander series by Starz Entertainment have garnered praise from critics the world over, as it currently represents some of the most intelligent yet entertaining programming on television. Evidence of the show’s influence can be seen everywhere, from the huge revival in Tartan/Plaid in the fashion world, countless articles in popular magazines like People and US Weekly, and the ever-growing fan base’s determination to help the show win various popularity polls such as POPSUGAR’s poll, Anglophenia and The People’s Choice awards. The cast and production staff’s willingness to engage with fans through social media, such as twitter parties hosted by Starz, #OutlanderOfferings, and Google Hangouts with stars like Caitriona Balfe have cemented this fierce fan loyalty. Fans from all walks of life the world over are attracted to the show due to their ability to associate with the timeless emotions explored, the allure of time travel, picturesque Scotland and romance in the show’s episodes. Watching Outlander is like taking an exotic trip and knowing you’ll speak the same language as the people you’ll encounter there… and unlike Claire, you can return home whenever you like! To the delight of fans everywhere, Starz released a powerful new trailer on this past Friday for the second half of Outlander Season One, and anyone who has seen it has taken notice.

WHAT?! You haven’t seen the new Outlander trailer? Then by all means, let’s get you caught up:

The featured snippets of upcoming scenes reveal darker, more sinister situations that the show’s heroine, Claire, and hero, Jamie will soon face: Claire peering out of a metal grate in the ground, Jamie stopping Black Jack Randall as he attacks Claire, Claire being bound at the wrists and being followed by an angry mob. Viewers that haven’t read are puzzling over the significance the scene clips, while those of us who have read the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon both simultaneously dread and anticipate seeing the upcoming dangers Jamie and Claire will encounter. The fans wonder how Ron D. Moore and his cadre of outstanding writers will bring the epic battles of the hero and heroine against Black Jack Randall to life on screen, and exactly how gut-wrenching those scenes will be to watch. Sam Heughan speaks of the blossoming relationship between his character, Jamie, and Claire. The outstanding acting capabilities of this duo oozes unspoken chemistry in the first half of the season, and their appearances here depict the deepening of that growth. The brothers MacKenzie, Colum and Dougal (played by Graham McTavish), are shown going toe to toe in their struggle for control over the family. McTavish mentions in this trailer that the second half of the season truly builds on the first half, and the ramping up of tension is palpable in these clips.

Although most of the Outlander fan base, myself included, are griping about the long gap between Part One and Part Two of the show’s season, it’s actually advantageous in some ways. These episodes are so incredibly rich and packed with complex themes that it’s truly impossible to catch everything of value by watching it once or even twice. From the exquisite costume designs by Terry Dresbach to the sets to the dialogue, it would be a bit like continuing to gorge oneself on a decadent feast after already having been sated. A long break gives the viewer time to truly digest and appreciate the splendor contained in the show… the splendor that the book readers awaited for so long. Reading critical analysis of Outlander episodes can also broaden a viewer’s experience. It’s a prime time for fans to share it with their friends so that they and others who didn’t watch it on the initial release can be caught up and ready for April 4th, 2015, when Part Two of Season One premieres. The break will give the cast and production crew time to recharge and work steadily, using their mastery on the magic for Season Two just as they did for Season One.

If you’re missing Outlander during the split-season interim, or have been wondering what all of the fuss is about, there are still many ways to satisfy your cravings. Although the show is currently on hiatus until April 2015, you can watch the episodes on demand on Starz through your cable provider in the USA, and select networks in many other countries. Following Starz on social media like Twitter, helps me to stay up-to-date with news on Outlander… they’re very generous with pictures! Check out the Starz Outlander website where you can enjoy a video of the Lallybroch fireplace. There are also several great fan groups, such as Caitrionation where you can stay involved with all of the Outlander happenings. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this series!

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