Parenting Strategy: Hunting

If you have a mercurial, dramatic child like my second-oldest son, you know that at times they do their best to make a situation all about themselves and their comfort or the lack thereof. When he went bird hunting with my husband last week, his weird little nature came out. Although it was neraly impossible to be or get lost where they were hunting, he kept hanging back in the treeline, whining and saying he was lost and couldn’t walk any farther.

Had I been there, this is what I would have said to him: Hunting Meme

Variations of this Parenting Strategy have been used elsewhere on him in the past and worked every time. It’s a proven science to get a kid like him moving, or at least inspire them to get better at orienteering. Unless you have a stubborn, obstinate kid like my oldest who couldn’t care less if a coyote came up. He’d probably want to try to wrestle it, but that’s another story for another day.

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