Plaid 101: Maximize Your Wardrobe! Guest Post by Centsibly Southern Chic


It’s such an honor to have a (real-life) friend of mine and a well-known fashionista from my neck of the woods, Laura Handey, owner of Centsibly Southern Chic, writing here at Herd Management, today! In case you haven’t heard, Plaid will be a HUGE fashion trend this Fall (Go see what I mean HERE). Being the Scotland-loving lady that I am, I want to make sure that everyone takes advantage of the immense selections that will be available in the stores. Also, I am blessed to be writing review for one of the premier sellers of Scottish goods, Heritage of Scotland, featuring an amazing plaid, tweed jacket and handbag that you will LOVE. Fashion and outfit-creation are not my talents… I get particularly nervous when patterns are involved… I don’t want to wind up looking like a thrift store threw up on me, or that one of my kids chose my clothes for the day, so I knew I had to seek out the help of Centsibly Southern Chic so that I could do these beautiful pieces justice. Laura’s company does this amazing thing where they will help you go through your entire wardrobe and help you make new outfits from the clothing you ALREADY OWN. If you tend to be strapped for cash when it comes to buying YOURSELF clothes (one of the perks of having lots of kids) this is a HUGELY helpful way to maximize what you have and try out a new look without maxing out a credit card. She will come to your home (or talk to you remotely via skype)and fix you UP. Cool huh? Without further ado, Go learn how to wear your PLAID!

So many of my clients shy away from the word PLAID… I can help.

Here at Centsibly Southern Chic, it’s known as multi-functional, stylish and THE seasonal print that everyone…Including their Mama… can wear. Don’t believe me?! Then let me show you how… The Southern Stylist can pull out all the creative stops.

A lot of times when people look at plaid they tend to think about the early 90’s (Pearl Jam and Nirvana, anyone?)
I even get a few little chuckles when I show a friend or a client a plaid blouse and they tell me it reminds me of a lumber jack… Yikes, ladies!

It’s not that 90’s grunge is a bad fashion era… Actually, it’s what helped to bring the world of plaid back into the fashion world. We are now in a time where we can enjoy plaid freely without feeling like we can ONLY wear it if we are wanting to proudly promote our Scottish heritage or pretend we are part of the Seattle music scene or cut down a tree…. You will be surprised at how versatile this one little print can be!

Let’s start with…

Plaid Shirts
Plaid shirts are showing up in outfits of every incarnation. I have seen ladies pull off the street style shots by showing plaid shirts paired with leather or faux leather pants or skirt, over graphic tees, under biker jacket, and tucked into their favorite denim pants. I have also seen a plaid shirt dressed up with accessories and a fun flirty skirt.

Plaid accessories
Yes, you got it . This is a perfect way to break up that plaid without feeling like you are going overboard with it. Taking baby steps is what I tell my clients when its comes to trying to trends or different. Simply pair your favorite plaid shoe or heel with neutral outfit. Or you can add your favorite plaid scarf, purse, or even jewelry to get the same effect.

Plaid dresses and skirts
And NO, I am not just talking about the kilt skirt ladies… I know what you thinking. Plaid dresses and skirts are very stylish and can be bought in a variety of prints, styles and designs. Have fun styling your favorite dress or skirt with accessories. If you feel like all that plaid might be a bit overwhelming, you could maybe even throw on your favorite jacket or cardigan to break up all the plaid.

Plaid jackets, blazer or cashmina
I love a plaid jacket, blazer or cashmina they can all be feminine and add a stylish punch to your wardrobe. If you don’t want to go overboard with clothing articles that are pieces of plaid, then I would certainly invest in these three items. Everyone needs a few layering pieces, and this is a great way to break up that boring, neutral outfit in your wardrobe.

I LOVE a plaid pant… You can pull this off, too! Find the type of plaid that works best for your body type and be creative. Keep a neutral color palette in your blouses, shoes and jackets. And remember, if you are still not comfortable wearing those plaid pants, you can always layer by keeping your blouse long or find jewelry, cardigan, sweater or a scarf. Doing this will draw attention to the top part of your body and will give you longer definition. You can also wear your favorite heels or pointed-toe flat.

You don’t have to stick to the more-typical hunter green and red colors of plaid. Have fun with pinks, browns, purples or whatever color your little stylish heart desires. That’s the beauty of a print like plaid you have full range of style and color.

A Pattern for all Seasons
You got it, you can really take this print into spring and summer as long as it’s not a flannel or winter material or vice versa with your summer and spring material.. you will be able to incorporate this style all year long. Make sure you piece this print with seasonal item hanging in your closet. You might even have a plaid printed pair of shorts or skirt that you were hanging onto from past seasons….Pair them with a style of clothing that can be updated into whatever trends are in that season.

Ladies, this is just a little taste of what plaid can do for your wardrobe. This Southern Stylist with be pulling out all the plaid for the upcoming fall season and I can’t wait!!

Don’t laugh… I know y’all are probably thinking “Southern Stylist” equals overload in plaid… (Note from Jessica:”Southern Girls DO love plaid!”) I can assure you that’s not the case.

I will have myself and my clients tastefully stylish in plaid… and I suggest you give it a try, too!

Happy Styling,

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