Outlander Starz and Book Series

Outlander Management
So ye love the Outlander Books by Diana Gabaldon, do ye!?
If you’ve led a deprived life and NOT heard of Outlander, allow me to educate you!

The amazing series, written by Diana Gabaldon chronicles the journey of a post WWII nurse, Claire Randall, as she goes on a “second honeymoon” to Scotland with her History professor husband, Frank. While looking around at a stone circle in the Highlands, Claire is swept back in time to 1743, amid the extreme tension between the English and the Scottish. While trying to find her way back to the stones to return to Frank and her proper time, she meets an honorable, lovable Highlander named Jamie. Their complicated lives become intertwined, leaving Claire with difficult decisions to make.

Basically, it’s the best book series EVER.

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